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So the proficient combination of these postures leads to the successful results in any type of communication. It allows to reduce aggression and the beginning of any conflict easily, to inspire sympathy and respect. It makes possible to communicate successfully on any social level. If a person feels comfortable, he can analyze what he is listening and what he is saying. He inspires respect automatically and doesn’t waste energy trying to be heard. So he can easily approve himself, show his best skills, professionalism, best sides of his personality. He gets automatically positive reaction from the people around and can solve his problems easily. This knowledge help to improve leadership quality developing and.

What about the result that have been got by the participants. Only the objective positive changes in life of participants – such as growth of career, development of business, improvement of welfare and private life, getting new friends etc. – could be recognized as the indicator of success of the research.

The recording of the results started since 2005. Now we have got a result data of around 150 participants with practical results or positive changes in life shortly after the trainings. During month.

The sort of result depended on the real need of concrete person and his start level. Results of the student will be different from the result of the top-manager.

Here are the changes that took place in short time after the first training.

– 21% of participants mentioned the improvement of the relationships with people from different social levels: from one side their bosses, people from the top, different government officials and from the other side with the employees.

– 40% wrote about development of their leadership qualities, growth of their career, development of their business.

– 23% of participants wrote about the improvement of their personal life, family relationship.

– 16 % wrote about the growth of their wealthiness.

These results are correlated with each other. Normal situation in family influences to the mood and situation in office, relationship with bosses, public officers and vice versa social life influences to the private life of a person. The growth of wealthiness is an integral part of these processes. It’s useful to add that most people after the training are becoming more attractive for other people.

This research enabled to create a communicative system the Effective Formation of a Social Individuality (EFSI). The techniques of the first EFSI course are described in a book of Sergey Kronin "The Mind of a Winner. The EFSI Intro seminar".

As far as the research has been conducted mostly in Russia with Russian participants, some participants from Moldova and Ukraine it is of great interest to discuss and investigate national features of body postures and its social influence in different cultures.


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