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Introduction from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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The system is based on 78 fundamental discoveries which were made and systematized by us only. Its a great deal! In comparison Id say the following. For example, NLP has "rapport", "anchoring", "visualization", "meta programs", and "eye accessing" as a one of topic of meta programs. May be there are something else that Ive forgotten, but all their techniques and methods are built on a listed basics. There are 4 or 5 of them. In Temperology there are 78! When I say that it is me who have done it, people are feeling a shock. Its amazing! Lomonosov could make and discover a lot, Leonardo d Vinci could create many things and that is normal, nobody is wondering. When I say that it was me who did it, people are wondering and asking: "Where can I read about it?" Funny! Where was it possible to look at the periodic table of the chemical elements before Mendeleev? So, in this place is possible to read the other things that are not described in Temperology. Its a joke. One girl was asking me too insistently where from I know "all" of this. I answered that I had read a book SFERO*. It seemed she didnt understand the humor but then she gave deep thought.

There is one more important moment. Temperology does not depend on anyone. All was done by own means. Own knowledge and ideas were used. There is no "group" of co-authors, investors, sponsors, supporters. As you see its similar to the is result of hard work of a specialized research institute with large staff. Yes, this is a work of many years, but it is independent work, that is a real pride. Moreover, everyone who is working now in the system of Open Temperological Institute is "socially established". Trainers, Leading and OTI staff dont go by feet. They are traveling round the world with lectures and having rest as well. All of them solved accommodation problem that is not the least of the factors. Thus, we have succeeded in proving the sufficiency (social as well) of system on practice by own example.

If one takes into account that we were engaged in building-up of "intangible assets", but not the office personnel of training centers as the most of modern school, so we dont have worthy adversaries here too. Of course there are some large systems and schools that began their activity in 1998 too. No doubt, they are known and presented in society more widespread than Temperology. Unfortunately for them, in due time they have staked precisely on management and own promotion. Because of that, nowadays the most of them realized all that they have got. If you remember from economical basics: "displayed assets" answer for today state of organization, whereas the "immaterial potential" determinates future. So, we have future. It may be noticed that even the EFSI Base Program includes no more than 30% of all knowledge and inventions.

So the last 10 years were spent more than reasonable: we have done something that may change the face of not only today culture and society, and even not in frame of one country, but the whole civilization. What existent system may declare that it may change the image of society? And what can it present for that? Nothing, except solving of some problems. But we can talk chiefly about our own system of views. Do you remember Lenin words: "There is such party!" Today I may say the same: "There is such system of knowledge!" I do emphasize that I am fully sensing what I am talking about. We may, but we are not wild to do that. We know how to live and orientate in life. We know what should be done today and tomorrow for good life of everyone. We may lead but we will not play clowns on the squares exhorting people to follow us. As Stalin was saying "party is reinforced by purging it the half is more than the whole". Those who need, they will find way to Temperology by themselves. The system may be hardly called as entertaining. Learning it needs certain level of development, self-cultivation, similarly to learning any academic subject. If someone doesnt find the way it means that he isnt looking for it or he is looking for "spiritual entertainments".

Now, we will gather the whole system. It is a watershed. At the bottom it is a start, certain historical point when the process of transferring "immaterial potential" of knowledge to the social technologies, systems, methods, schools and more other. Now its clear that it is a question of time.

"At that point I think the conclusion of last stage may be finished. Are there any questions?"

"But there is one more question where did the EFSI knowledge come from?" smiled pretty listener that was sitting aside. "Although, you will scarcely answer." She was confused, but then added at once: "What has affected creation of the system? Tell us about the history please!"

*Sergey I. Kronin "SFERO Conception: Of the Rules on the Formation of Occasions" Moscow: SFERO Publishers, 2006.

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