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Introduction from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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"The fact is that there are such terms as "spiritual growth", "spiritual development" and "spiritual entertainment" I began to answer, while participants were taking their worksheets, dictaphones. "Spiritual entertainment is a mode to fulfill own time, own leisure. Some people go to the football game, the other in cinema, the third to the theatre, the forth are "walking" from one school to another, from one training to another. They are interested not in knowledge itself but in current emotional state, feelings, interconnection. Simply speaking they need someone to fill their leisure, give a theme for discussion. Everything is very momentary and formal. Participating in trainings and seminars is not bad form of leisure. There is a large audience that spends time in that way. So, the large systems and as you have called the "nameless" systems are oriented to satisfaction of this audiences needs, by the way the most mass audience. Its a sort of a development and "self-cultivation" game, but at the bottom entertainment.

Spiritual growth and development are not for entertainment. The fact is that both of them are a real work, often hard work. Moreover, when a man tries to conceive something new, even whole his organism is feeling not very comfortable states, a sort of stress. The thing is that whole viewpoint system of a man, all his neural networks "begin to move" in the literal sense of the word. Remind yourself at the university. In order to understand new information you had to apply force and what a hard work has had to be done. But man is developing only through getting over self. There can not be serious development without efforts, easy and cheerfully.

Its clear that a common man wont strain himself without strong reason, though it isnt concerned with welfare. But its in fashion to "develop" today. So most of people are "simulating" development as they are able. Meantime, any inner change is inevitably reflecting in actual life of a man. According to actual fact there are no changes in life of those who are "entertaining" themselves, as they are not changing themselves: such they are coming to study, the same they are going away. It is no more than illusions. And I am not speaking about the "spiritual growth": it is not enough to comprehend information; it ought to live on idea. Its utopia for the most of people because spiritual growth needs a colossal inner work.

"So now there is a peculiar industry of "spiritual entertainments". Benefit is similar as from discotheque."

"Ok, its clear! But why do not people understand that?" asked participant. He was not exactly unsatisfied by the answer, simply at the lessons he was being distinguished by special "curiosity" or as the saying goes "keenness of mind".

"For wishing to understand something, moreover, for real understanding there are not enough of boring only or fashion for certain type of recreation. There should be a reason that forces to change something in life. Majority of people are suffering from the mere lack of emotions: boring, loneliness, sameness of routine life. Today everyone is established socially, more or less. They are adapted to life, have certain sufficiency. People objectively barely want to change something in themselves and their fate. Then, it sounds paradoxical, but today not a little part of people even with high education is handicraftsmen at best. Quite often they are simply ignorant people. Its not a secret that most of people enter the high schools for the certificates of degree but not for knowledge. Even the government admits such terrible situation in high education, when a man has diploma and displays absolute absence of elementary knowledge. So, as a result there is a primitive and naive mind of a man with "high education" who has no idea what means "brain work". It is all the same to him lectures either on philosophy, ufology, physics... But I will not delve into the issue of today egregious ignorance of certificated specialists. Ill just add one thing. Those may be considered as strong individualities who improve themselves not because "life has enforced", but they understand that if there is no development the life is empty and aimless.

So, let return to the issue of today lecture. I have a special meeting today. As a matter of fact, I am resuming what have been done during these years. And all that have been done I am joining under the unified name Temperology. About the name and why it is so I will tell later. Lets make an overview of the system now.

Lets summarize. The EFSI Basic Program that has being taught more than 10 years include 49 topics. Topics only! 424 themes are considered in the process of the course. There are not only questions and definitions: techniques, principles, methods... Just think over this number!

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