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Introduction from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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I remind that during the system development there have been a lot of advisers and "soul mates". One of them was obtrusively explaining how to organize training business, the other was calling the same trainer as they are and comparing our "methods". I could not explain neither the first one nor the second that I was engaged in something very different from business and trainings. I do not earn money by teaching, thats why system widening at the expense of quality does not stand in my plan. There were several offers from officials and businessmen to partially finance the system. It was made, though, with predatory-market approach: "I will finance the research, but all system will be mine". The last one were insensible of the term "intangible assets", so they didnt see benefit from the equal alliance. To tell the truth I was feeling outrage from that position to the thing that I am engaged to.

And today is the day when I must say to myself bravely: once I have ventured and taken a dare to leave the proved fields and fling myself to the unknown sphere, and I won. There were years, time and strengths well-spent. Moreover, I spent these years with a full life that would be principally impossible if I was occupied myself with other activity. There were both travels and grandiose parties, and innumerable romances. I have had time even to change for wives. I was getting new friends, heap of interesting projects was organizing. There is a true phrase in one ancient book that if you throw yourself completely to unknown, the "prize exceed all expectations". Now I can speak about the new, enormous, grandiose and most importantly very necessary for society school of thought; moreover about the new filled state of life that everyone can get. So today is my "Victory Day". It is a big pleasure to be aware that once you have "thrown yourself to the dark" without knowing the future and what to expect and thats it a Victory.

Meantime the audience not even guessing about my thoughts and state of a winner was continuing the lively discussion of something. There were representatives of different social groups. Such open dialog has been presenting e at the EFSI temperological lectures even many years. There is no wonder when a deputy minister communicates with a chief department of a small company, and young common manager with a head of a large-scale enterprise. They are having enough exciting topics and common interests that do not concern social roles and engagements.

Generally, at the EFSI seminars from the very beginning it has become a custom that it has been not considered respectable to name own post, position in society. I think that such "boundary-spanning" is very useful. First of all from position of Temperology the most important thing is not so much the position in society of a man as his individuality development, intellect, sense of humor. Our learners quite often become good friends and continue communicating beyond the seminars. I remember that during more than a year some of them were gathering every week end in the personal holiday house of one of participants nearly related to the Council of Federation (of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation note of translator). Many of them were staying there for some days for having a rest. They are helping each other to solve business problems, finding life's companions. Other words, OTI besides the other things is a place were is possible to know intelligent, developed people practically from every social group.

For some reason our students are surprised when after several lessons they occasionally see a familiar face on TV, people who were studying together or are studying. I remember constant stormy discussions by the learners of speeches of the high ranked officials. Their use of the EFSI techniques, especially from the First course was evidential. Though they use techniques not always in correct way, they were learning it, perhaps due secondhand. But it proves useful. During last years there were a lot of different interesting moments, meetings, and acquaintances. When people are getting along with each other despite of position in society, it makes me sincerely glad.

The participant distracted my mind from my thoughts; they noticed my appearance and finishing their talk began to seat. In two minutes they are ready fro the lecture. I sustained the pause, at last when guests concentrated their attention on me, and began seminar. More precisely, the audience began it themselves.

"Ive got a question!" asked a man from the first row, while other participants were calming down. "Concerning existent spiritual and psychological schools. As I understand there are not a lot of them which are worth, no more than 5. But there is a numberless quantity of different trainers, Leading of some "obscure" training centers. What is attracting people to this nameless "legion"?"

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