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Introduction from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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All receiving means were invested in publishing books, brochures (publication costs of each of them may be compare with cost of a new car), buying outfit, paying taxes and more other things that the scientists, who are working in state scientific organizations and busy in science only, do not think about. Thats right the system of our knowledge has been forming in far from "tender" conditions and was tested not only by time. Its consistency was proved from position of social and economical viability. I am proud especially of the last moments: in the first place I am proud that we were not thrown to the thoughtless earning money, the second is that system does not have and never had any sponsors who dictate how it should be looked like the system is independent.

We have proved by our activity itself the right to be engaged in what we want to be engaged to, and talk in a way as we see fit. Today, if one think about the conditions in which the system was developing, one may wonder and be delighted with the thing that even the EFSI Basic Program, being created in such field test, includes 150 hours of extremely compact, rich, unique, new material that has no analogy. Moreover, our learners do affirm that this material is very valuable for life, practical and actual! If it would be given all full-fledged material as in academic form 1000 hours wont be enough. Let alone that most of it wasnt included in a program.

Furthermore, the following thing elates and should be noticed: the whole material is not conspectus from books of some authors or manuals. All methods are new, breakthroughs, this material you may not find anywhere else. Common man with his undemanding taste is indifferent to the "freshness" of knowledge which he puts into his head that he gets. He doesnt anything wonderful in uniqueness. Perhaps those who dont understand themselves do not need explanations concerning difference between compilation and innovation. But the intelligent man knows that acquirement of new innovative knowledge is a great piece of luck. It is no coincidence that struggle for possession of fresh knowledge is going in various activity spheres. May be that is the reason why the most of participants in the OTI (Open Temperological Institute note of translator) seminars have higher rank than ordinary manager or employee. Or may be because of that fact that, providing our development ourselves, we are always talking in same language with people whos obligation is in decision making and who is responsible for staff and organization.

Of course, the participants of seminars are given only the "tip of the iceberg". Come to think of it, only the minimal set of compact, most necessary for life, new material averages 150 hours! And it is oriented not to the losers who are seeking for exculpation but towards people with good education who have achieved position in society. It is the audience that is extremely exacting about the quality of acquiring knowledge, able to analyze, reason. The audience that does not bear demagogy, pseudoscientific drivel, theories detached from life. And special for that audience was created complete institute course!

During these years we have been passing many different situations: there were difficult periods, very difficult but there were quite good as well. But despite period the lectures were going, books were publishing, and system was building... Though, after this not at all easy partway I am rebuked for objection to some ideologists of other directions or "businessmen from the science". Lets face it: I think my attitude is understandable; my attitude to those who is sitting on one "method" or even one "technique" by years making display of their allegedly "system". One may remind those who are working in state room, using material from "hackneyed" school-books by decades, changing nothing in their lives, never hazarding anything, living grey lives those who have a sea of unsolved problems. I mean those who have never been torn by the real life stream but think that they are distinguished for their knowledge of human fates and teaching other people what shall they do. I do not mention compilers and plagiarists which contain the majority in each field. What can say! While building of the system we have acquired "combativity". Our knowledge has been multiply tested in real twists and turns of real life. Such my attitude is may be similar to the attitude of combatant officer to the reasoning of rear general. For the material itself that is given to the students, I am sure that it is not allowed to retell people the material of the "second freshness". First of all to this effect there is an academic education for "specialist" training and a heap of schoolbooks, books, video etc. Those who want to study "hackneyed" methods may listen and watch it.

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