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Introduction from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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There is no denying, it was a risky step. No one could guarantee me that after my go to these "metaphysical and philosophical fields" I would score success and not join the ranks of thousands hungry "searchers-losers" in our society. I was aware that going this way I could not expect anyones support. From the other side, such situation was not new for me. At the university I had to make similar decisions and never regretted it. But I was extremely interested in this experiment on own life because its triumph would be not in money or prestigious position but in very perception of life. I have seen the worth of that challenge: either to achieve in that field something grandiose, or to fall down the bottom of society to become an ordinary person with extrasensory perception, manager or clerk (all these are equal) in order simply to earn my daily bread and waste all my life on buying things. This state though is a bottom for me only. The great majority of people are living in such way, executing someones absurd instructions, making both ends meet and having no guess that the "grey insensate daily routine" is not a norm of life but its bottom. Thats why the most awful thing was to be in such "daily pottering" without ray of light and way out, that kills not anything in abstracto but mans individuality itself. I came to office that was situated opposite the American Embassy at the Novinsky Bulvar and said good bye to the command and colleagues. Their eyes were full of misunderstanding asking "You dont have enough money, do you?" I had enough money but I wanted full life.

Next several years I was formally on the list, but this "work", though it may hardly be named so, didnt distracted me to tend to my own affairs. I surrounded myself with books, sitting in the libraries, then came up the possibility to work with people and I was already getting "stunning" phenomenal results. As usual, the "clients" were telling about the "wonderworks" and the stream of clients was always increasing. But it wasnt my aim. I was burying myself in scientific and "pseudoscientific" literature scrupulously studying everything that concerned psychology, parapsychology, philosophy etc, I was trying to find in different directions and methods of "human studies" the answers on my questions. It is natural that I was more interested in modern working schools and centers which were declaring this research area as a leading one. I was disappointed, on closer inspection most of them every time was turning out purely the beautiful cover, one say "phoney", no more than "beautiful sign".

So, by the 98th year of the XX century the moment came, when I thrown off all that scientific as well as "unscientific" drivel and created my first training method in the field of communication on the basis of my own observations. During half a year I was testing it and then declared the opening of my own training center which spice was the applied energetics. Its funny, but in next 10 years in other directions there wasnt created anything not just exceeding but even nothing of the kind of that energetics. Meanwhile, it was only the first step for Temperology...

Now, if one looks at all that has been done during past period he finds that the colossal volume of done work is actually fenomenal. That is the volume of work of middle-sized research institute at the same period of time. An average man, possibly, does not see anything extraordinary here, but he is just an average man. He does not think that research institute is financed and supported by administrative structure; and it is engaged in its own "scientific activity" without distractions to the day-to-day business. He doesnt think that hundreds of people are working in research institute. Though, we (me and two my assistances*) could make this colossal work under our own steam without any help and support: simultaneously to the scientific direction we could organize everything to be fully selfsufficient. Knowledge allowed us to receive means with minimum expenses of time and energy, enough for financing of new researches, renting auditoriums, paying some bills...

*(From 1998 Ayna Solntseva and from 2002 Irida Tyunnk. For today I consider only these two persons as real specialists in Temperology. I dont mean the EFSI trainers and knowledge of "public" part of Temperology but "admission" to the deeps of the discipline, the heart of philosophy. In substance the whole system was built exactly with these two persons. Of course, there were intermittently appearing and disappearing different people, but as Stalin was saying "party is reinforced by purging it". This law concerns Temperology as well "we are not the bead-house that is open for anyone who wants" (Stalin). I think that any reasonable man who has graduated serious High School does not need explanations concerning meaning of having all deep of professional knowledge. Meanwhile, I hope that there will be more people about whom Ill be able to say that they really understand Temperology, it means they are not the "users" only).

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