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Introduction from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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Looking on the auditors I was buried in memories of the past. Many years ago it seemed that nothing looked like that moment. I grew up in an intellectual advantaged family in Moscow. My father worked in the General Staff, mother headed a department in a secret research institute. As all children I was going to the kindergarten, playing in yard, studying at ordinary school. Being at the 8th school year I passed all exams and entered the Experimental School with physics and mathematics specialization that was organized by the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. In the school I headed the Komsomol (Communist Union of Youth) Committee and was busy with different activities olympiads on physics and mathematics. Once I won the Moscow Physics Olympiad organized by the known science magazine "Kvant". I remember that chief editor came personally to present me diploma. Then at "odd moments" I won a Chemistry Olympiad in "Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys" (MISIS) and my school received an official letter with information that I was admitted to the institute ahead of time. Meanwhile I was having time to go in for judo, participating in Moscow and international competitions. At the moment of finishing school I had already the title of Candidate for Master of Sports in judo.I didnt send my application to the MISIS. After school I admitted upon crazy competitive examination to the one of the best faculty of Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman (MSTU) and graduated with specialization "Robotics systems of special assignment".

The most difficult years of Perestroika fell on my studentship. Even the "baumans" double maintenance allowance wasnt enough and all students had to "wangle". In the same student group there were getting well together the businessmen, gangsters, poor students and those who were working in commercial booth. At the second year of my studying I associated with quite a lot of businessmen of those days from Moscow and other regions of Russia, organized a small fabrication, kept several outlets at Moscow markets. However, it didnt distract me to study, to enter judo and sambo competitions for MSTU team, to go to the sport training assemblies and to live it up.

At the end of my studying at the university I chummed up friends with chief of a large firm and offered me to work in his company with a crazy salary at that moment (only official part of salary was in ten times larger than salary of ordinary manager). As far as it was very stormy time and the company consisted of former military officers I had a rifled weapon license. So, at the firing ground not far from the Moscow I caught to fire all sorts of small arms even the models of which ordinary man didnt have a notion and that didnt show in movies. I had a private driver, came around many cities of Russia, and participated in life of "new Russians". At that period I got my own apartment, lived in affluence and had very good career opportunities. I know that a lot of people were envious of me. It was interesting but stormy time.

And suddenly for all my acquaintances I gave up such successful life and in actual fact I took a leap in the dark. I worked a short while in Ostankino on TV program "The Time", then I came to the fund market at the beginning of its birth in Russia, than I worked in the Moscow State Technical University, reading lectures on valeology for "peanut" for a wonder of people around. Several times I was offered to return to the "socially successful life", but I rejected. Instead of it I went to the Psychological faculty of the Moscow Pedagogical State University then to the Psychological faculty of the Moscow State University, doing a lot of other things that confounded my old fellows who could not explain my lifestyle. In 1998 I opened my first "Center of communicative technologies" which was the start of official history of Temperology.

Well, there is an objective explanation of my "luckiness" at university and after studying there, my strange behaviour after quitting the fat job; and these reasons are quite clear for reasonable man.

The fact is that at the second year of my studies I got engrossed with things that people called "abnormal". Then everything that was "beyond the bounds" was regarded as superstition at best, and as unscientific things that can not deserve attention of a judicious man. Thats why even my friends didnt know about my "hobby". At the end of my studying at the MSTU I have got stable results which could be defined as extrasensory or "magic". After graduating from the university I was continuing deep research of "unusual" fields of human thought. I was spending all my spare time reading books on this field, studying works of philosophers, modern scientists and thinkers of the pas, constantly practising new knowledge carrying out rather riskful experiments. When I definitively understood that "business lifestyle" distracted me I refused it.

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