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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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Why our civilization has deserved this "cleaning"? What laws did we break? As I have mentioned that the fact is in hyperdeveloped intellect. Degree of reason evolution in our civilization is very low we are clever. It means that we are not able to regenerate constantly and qualitatively, we are able only to quantitatively spawn new tools and produce extra product. But social system needs qualitative regeneration, which is possible only through changing emphasis from intellect to reason. As far as stranglehold of "clever men" exists in all social levels there is no chance to regenerate. So, it may be said that the Beggars are antibodies that are dedicated to reduce population. It means to reduce population of, especially, the Honests to the "normal amount". I talk about the Honests, but the other social types also become food of the Beggars, and not rarely. As the organism produces antibodies around the infected place of the body, so the Egregor of humanity "produces" the Beggars.

Its alright, surely. But there is a phenomenon of hyperaggressiveness of the Beggars and often without any visible cause that could be clear for intellect and logic. So, why are the Beggars so aggressive, when they can not retain hold of something or someone? Why do they use threats that often come to a criminal end? We have examined the financial aspect but it seems to be an insufficient motivation for such aggressive chase by the Beggar, when a man tries to escape from him. Moreover, there are a lot of situations when the Beggar understands properly that he may get nothing, brutalizes and rushes at his "victim" with unhappy endings for her.

The fact is not even in material interest of the Beggars, but in the "higher levels". Let us suppose that if the Beggars "infecting" of the people around was lucky he climbs up the social ladder. It may be said that when he has "caught" the victim, "devoured" her soul and "recruited" her as the Beggar he holds more leading social positions. It is a prize for a lucky "hunting". But if he loses the chosen victim, his Egregor turns away from him. That Beggar quickly sinks to a state of really beggarly existence in society and his Essence is being extorted by the Egregor to the purgatory, if we speak the common Christian religious language. So, like a sapper the Beggar makes only one mistake.

It is fair too, because the Beggar finds the victim himself and esteems his own strengths as well. The stronger is potential victim (if she has high energy potential), the larger social prize will be. Thats why, when the Beggar, holding on like grim death his victim, suddenly understands that it is a strong meat, he has no possibility to let her go, otherwise he will socially and essentially "die". The Beggar understands it instinctively and fights to the bitter end. He is capable of any crime, so that to hold the victim or to die with her. The matter is not the social goods but not to be extorted to the vacuum, nothingness. Otherwise, the Beggar will be at risk to become a "lost soul" so to say, Essence, hanged between the worlds. But if the Beggar "made a bad shot" and the falling off the social ladder began there is nothing to stop him. As far as he is just living to an end his physical life without support from "above", there is no chance to emerge from poverty. Is it necessary to say that every Beggar will make mistake in his day? And it is fair.

Therefore, when you have to struggle in Beggars arms it is important to understand what alternative life gives you: to spend the rest of your physical life in terrestrial hell or to make a fierce effort to get free. But you should understand that in some cases the cost of the fear, misapprehension of what happens, spinelessness and hesitancy may become the death, the criminal end. And there are a lot of such "criminal" examples. So, the games here are not psychological, and "not babyish", they are often finished with fire-fight, knifing, litigations, home murders and assassinations with bathetic funeral scene.

2.1.1."Subspecies" of the Beggars

Now we may constant that there two "subspecies" of the Beggars: the Ghosts and the Spirits. We have talked mostly about the Ghosts, because there are a lot of them in society. I remind that they were named as the Ghosts on reason that their behaviour was similar to madding ghosts and they were absent in social system. Meanwhile, like the ghosts they have affection towards social goods and cant get off the ground. They look like the fairy characters that are "tied" to the ground, the ghosts who guard the treasure. Thats why we call them Goblins on the reason of some mystic similarity of their behaviour, organization of the body, manner of intercommunication to these mythical personages: big, looking like a rock, loud-spoken, not very polite, to say the least. I think it is not necessary to put the cases. Everybody may remember such person from experience; it could be the neighbor, chief, relative, officer... They are always somewhere round here. But these are the "grown" Ghosts. The great amount of young adults from the "poor outland districts", or in the western countries "emigrant districts" are already educated in Beggars spirit. Behaviour of these teenagers group reminds me the Gremlins, the crowds of "dwarfish goblins" which are also the characters from the fairy tales. Riots in Paris and Denmark remind me behaviour exactly of Gremlins. Truly, every time I am wondering at the resemblance of these negative "fairy personages" to the Beggars characteristics. When Gremlins grow up they "individualize", as it is possible to say in their case, and become Goblins. It was the "little goblins", by the way, who were "revolutionary vanguards" of many dictatorships in every epoch.

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