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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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If the Beggars are surprisingly similar to each other there must exist an energy structure that has exactly this organization of a body. Then the body is an antenna that is tuned to the definite wave. If the bodies of any group of people are so identical, the "wave" must be strictly defined; there must be a "sky protector", Egregor. The Beggars are really the representatives of group Egregor. They are similar to the ants that have collective mind, thats why they have such surprising similarity of their structures "they are all alike in appearance" like Agent Smith in Matrix. In SFERO* it was much said about the Dark Spheres which representatives are the Beggars, so I will not repeat myself.

So, the Beggars exist not occasionally, and it is not occasionally that they are absent in developing societies and "multiplying" in periods when the state system is falling into stagnation. I may remind that the Dark Spheres or Dark Egregors play in a big game of Egregors a role of flushers or "stretcher-bearers" of forest who are seeking for the "ill and attenuated" representatives of social "fauna". So, the Beggars play analogous role. If a man doesnt have a strong passion in life, if he simply exists day by day, doesnt change anything in himself and in his life, but "lives on schedule"; if he doesnt have anything that arouses his "high nature" he may easily be carried away by temptation of Beggars siren songs. That man doesnt have a dream for the love of which he is eager to protect his mode of living, if he doesnt aim at anything except wealth and repose, having no mission in life, living day by day he becomes an easy meat. If he had a dream that would captivate him and for love of which he would live, the forthcoming of the Beggar would make him feel that he may lose his dream and would have a choice to be carried away by temptation or to go his own way. If there is no sense in his life, there is nothing that may avert a calamity. When a man struggles for his dream, his own view of life, his inner world, it means he struggles for strengthening connection with his own "Self". Ordinary dull existence diminishes this connection and after forthcoming of the Beggar the man becomes an implement of the group Egregor. If a man doesnt allow to seduce him or to scare, after such brush with the Beggar his Inner World clarifies and becomes more "clear". So, from the one side the Beggars are the "wipers" of social system. They clear the society from the people who only exist; today it is level of Honest who becomes their "food". At the same time they are accelerants the "jump" of consciousness of mans life. After brush with the Beggar the man anyway will be changed upwards or downward, but he will never stay the same.

Ill make a note that as far as the Beggars are no more than "feelers" of the Dark Egregor they are managed from there. Thats way they are attracted by the growing level of mans energy. When the life is dull and not interesting there are not so many Beggars around. But if you get more energy, decide to change something in your life and wish to develop, you will "receive a gift". The Beggars as usual appears in life of a man before some important life choice, transition of life and mind of a man to the new level. It is clear, that if a man wants to make a step towards higher level of consciousness or better life he must get through examination for power of his intention and his personality. It is Dark Egregor that examines through the agency of its representatives i.e. the Beggars. A man who didnt pass the examination loses his "Self", because the Dark Egregor steals it. And here the shamans are right saying "the soul is stolen". So the Beggars may be named as the "soul-hunters". It concerns the man. At the level of countrywide they appear when there is a lot of extra "energy", and country is ready to go further. The mass of Beggars are testing if the country has something else except money, that has qualitatively new future for the sake of which and towards which it is ready to develop.

Meanwhile the Beggars are not fastidious about even not so "developing" people. In a daily occurrence they are "catching" dogmatic persons who are not able to take a reasonable view of things and bound up in humanistic illusions, who think too logically. So, they are hunting the "right" typical people of our culture who have no command over themselves when someone is moving them to pity or explaining logically right. These are people whose intellect is so developed that they are guided by it only, that is the leader of their life, and their contact with reason is very weak. These people are the great majority in society, I think now, it is clear why the Honests** are in danger. Structure of the intellect is such that it not able to understand how a man may be a "social animal" or more so, a "ghost". Actually the Beggars simply "cut" the mass of the Honests. In principle it is properly because if you live by the intellect and do not note your reason, awake your "Self" you dont need it. Rephrased expression "If you are so clever why you need your soul?" may be a motto of Dark Spheres actions.


* SFERO Conception: The Principles of the Way Things Happen, published in Moscow, 2006 note of translator.

** Honests people who are on the level of Honests note of translator.

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