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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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Now it is possible to buy a lot of thing on credit and often you may see this level in new cars for example. Surely, Beggar buys on credit by himself and it is relative, wife or parent, who vouched for him, and pays off his debt. Now situation in field of credits has become comical. Chief of the company requires his staff members to borrow for the benefit of company. And they do that. Chief takes all money, the company goes broke, people lose their places. And the debt is being paid by off-the-job workers who have borrowed. That is the classical step of the Beggar. If it is impossible to find those who will pay off for the Beggar, the bank will get in a trouble. If the bank has enough authority the Beggar will lose flat or car unpaid. The Beggar will never pay back on his own will; he will simply use property until it will not be taken away from him. If he understands that "his property" will be taken away tomorrow it will bring situation to a successful issue if he doesnt break the car or burn out the flat in revenge. But if there is not enough money or property to get out of debt the bank may forget about collecting it. I refer to the reasons of today hypothecary crisis in the USA. The level of Beggars is very expensive for civilization when it is a mass level and is able to have the loan on mortgage, for example. It is important to keep in mind that Beggar starts to hate his creditors from the moment they stop to give him money and presume to require to pay back.

From position of a normal man it is hard not to think about the consequences of an action, for example to buy on a credit and not to think about getting money to pay back. The Beggar doesnt ever think about it, hes like a cat that has snatched a sausage. To the horror he wins because the worse thing that he will have for unpaid debt is that he will lose the thing he has bought. And if it is simply money there's nothing to be done. The Beggar uses laws imperfections and laws can often do nothing with him. Even if his car is to be taken away, but he knows that he has been driving it for six months! And he will not give thought that he will be included in a "black list" in financial structures may be he will not go to this bank again. Perhaps there is no information about him in other bank or may be his wife or relative will get next credit; or may be he will "wheedle" the bank into forgiving him and giving more money. And if the money can not be given by bank he will turn situation to good account, so the money will be given by acquaintance. It may be said that it is a sort of strategic stupidity of the Beggars. Their full inadequacy doesnt combine with the frames of common mans familiar views. Common man can not even forecast Beggars moves or accepts it as a special cunning. But it concerns the Beggars of the low social level.

To be honest, I am interested not in the methods which the Beggars use to get social goods. But what he does with psychic and life of their victims that is more actual question. No one is guaranteed from the individual contact with the Beggar and each of us takes chances personally. So, lets return what really happens when man is being "infected".

His mind gets off and destruction of his Inner World begins. The Beggars really "intrudes" into essence of a man. First of all they do not esteem hobbies of the other man. They think that any hobby that does not make money is playgame. That is characteristic that features the Beggars. The "intrusion" happens without ceremony, it faces at once with the fact that it is possible to get result, social equivalent. The state of the man at the moment when pathology "intrudes" is similar to those that Meneghetti described. The feeling is as near as physical like something really "gets" into the head, body is tensing up at that like it is trying to defend itself and scaring. In a short time the Beggar "palavers" you, then you become accustomed to him and hardly feel this alarming state. After that the Beggars annihilate the Inner world of a man and build their own world "in his head", their own reality. They install him their own, in actual fact, group inner world. Here it happen a "break-up" between the man and his own Self, his Sphere. Then he starts to join Egregor of Beggars. Ill be telling about it further. It was already mentioned that at that moment a terrible feeling arises inside the man and may haunt him for years. In reality, it is the Self of the man that tries to get out of the "black Egregors clutches". In other words a "stolen soul" is asking for help. Let observe it in detail.

If we put aside social questions, the problem of Beggars looks much more serious than it seems to be. A man who completely became a Beggar assumes the distinctive features of this level in appearance and corporal characteristics. It may suppose that some organic changes appear in brains that have an effect on the appearance, distinctive eyes, the organization of his body, distinctive figure. When it is gathered enough statistics about appearance of Beggars the hypothesis becomes a fact. The Beggars of low social levels today represent the separate "subspecies" of a human being, they have identical outward signs. As long as the Beggar is in the "highest quarters" these features are displayed but it is not easy to recognize them under the "tinsel" of clothes and accessories. So we may talk about a subspecies of human beings. As Arabians differ from Europeans or Germans differ from Italians likewise the Beggars exteriorly differ from "people of social system".

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