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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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So, infection begins from the moment when the reorientation of the man from the absorption in the process to the result happens. There are two friends who have graduated from university together and live not very far from each other. The first one is scientist; the second one is a corrupt official. The first one goes to work, makes something there and he gets high on his work. Every time when he meets his friend-official he sees that his friend has got a new car, has a house in the course of building. And our scientist earns so crummy salaries in institute that he is able to buy new clothes even once in quarter. And every time his friend-official tells him: "Can the stuff! Dont busy yourself with piffling jobs in your institute. You waste your life there! You should earn money and live in a great way." The scientist keeps his feelings under control but his money comes short even of food, the rent rises, children grow and they need good education that is not cheap. He becomes to be more and more in doubt that he lives right.

Ultimately he accepts a proposal of his friend to give up institute and make a switchover to working in his department. Now he makes good salary, his family is happy, life is changed: they made repair of their flat, bought a car, think about a house. But the "line-crosser" becomes to feel ugly more and more because he doesnt like what he does but he suffers because "money comes" and he can not stop and there are so many plans. He quells these impulses through buying new things, going to entertaining places or he simply drinks. After two or three years he is already "involved". A moment comes when he doesnt see anything except money and is not interested in anything except new car or house. At that moment a "point of comeback" is passed and intelligent scientist of yesterday finally changed into a caddish Beggar with a great sense of self importance.

One thing Id like to add. Surely not everyone who wants to earn money is Beggar. There is an opinion that when a soldier kills enemy he doesnt have responsibility for it because he does it on an order and serves his country. Moreover, he doesnt answer "to God" as long as he will enjoy the killing. The same thing we can say about the hackneyed subject on traffic police. The policeman who takes money on the roads is an element of system. It is no more than reflection of system, or being exact, it is disorderliness of system of collecting fines. With that a policeman regulates the traffic, we should not forget about it. He stays inside system as long as he starts to go to work purposely to earn illegitimately and get more money. It concerns everyone and every activity. As far as there is enthusiasm for work, man actually likes his work, everything is alright. But if he interested in result only it is catastrophe.

So, when the normal people of yesterday reconstruct their mind from enthusiasm to the wish to get results only they are slowly changing to the Beggars. The Beggars doesnt like anything except getting "swag". I will venture to affirm that during the process of "becoming a beggar" some organic changes are occurring, affecting even the body and brains. Psychiatrists suppose that when a man was standing beyond the social rhythm more than 3 years (it means sitting at home and doing nothing) then he will not be able to return to work because he will get irreversible organic changes. The Beggar is not able to maintain rhythm in principle. He can produce the illusion of activity, careering about the society in chaotic way. He may wake up early; he may always travel on "business" but in busy idleness and chaos. The Beggar is not able to be involved in one activity that needs concentration, attention and qualification. Being infected, a man falls out from social rhythm: either he bustles or makes nothing sitting at home. It is often when one thing succeeded another. Bustle and rhythm of "fits and starts" are the features of the Beggars.

Some time ago I was amazed at the following thing. The Beggars may have quite responsible clothes, nice car, and fine dress accessories (I mean the low, the most mass level of the Beggars). At the same time they could not have even pocket money and always chisel a cigarette. I was nearly interested in a fact that a man could have no spending money, and at the same time he might be well-dressed. It had been found that wife or any relative had bought him a coat. The car was not his own but belonged to the relative. Dress accessories had been presented or bought as second-hand with a discount. Often phones, watches could be simply stolen and bought cheap. It means that Beggar of the low level hasnt earned himself for anything that he wears or uses. It is not casual that I talk about the appearance. The Beggar can not do anything without the social appanage of success. It helps him to gain the confidence of people and prove out his words about his professionalism, connections, wealth. It allows him to "chisel" (usually it may ascertain later) money and attract naive common people to the doubtful projects.

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