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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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When that situation occurs in family or inside any group, the victim actually has no chance to escape; it is so at least in most countries of modern world. It is the tragedy of situation that our state, for example, (Russia note of translator) tries to keep out of relations between husband and wife in family. Relatives always try to keep family nevertheless. As it was noticed here, the Beggar is able to poison mind of people around against his victim so much, that the victim doesnt have anyone to whom she may turn, even if it is her friends. The Beggar demonstrates himself as a "victim" and tells that his/her wife/husband got in "a sect" for example, or "went to drink", or got "adulterous relationship". They are consummate fibbers; it is actually often akin to the psychiatric diagnosis "pathological lying". Even the parent of the victim who is intimidated by the Beggar, always takes his/her Beggars part. I was shocked by the situation when a woman was being beat by the husband just for fun. When she was complaining to her parent, they were "continuing the beating" with following words: "you should love your husband and be beautiful for being loved by him, but you have got fat". Because of battery and stress she even could move heavily, but heard the words: "dont simulate". There is another case of "humanism". A husband of a woman, who was seriously ill and could move about only with difficulty, waked her up every morning at 7 a.m., turned her into the streets and forced to run round the house. And he was checking the process from the window. The explanation was quite simple: "she is bored for lack of an occupation". In order not to hurt your mind I will not tell you about the possible end of this story, if the woman was deficient in courage to become a master of her fate. It is clear that in this context it is the "devouring" of the other man. It can be given awfully large amount of such instances.

The very primitive, ordinary, "harmless", and unfortunately, most prevalent variant of "life together" with the Beggar looks like as follows: a wife does the work of two, keeps the house, rears the children and thus regularly rescues her husband from police or anywhere else. Her husband is chronically unemployed, lying on the bed all days long, drinking and terrorizing his family, neighbors, relatives. Sometimes, he may flow with crackpot ideas about how to "earn a lot of money in one scoop" or "improve the life": for example to go down to the country and acquire a house there, lease a flat and live in a room; to buy up a pitch of shoe-laces and strike a bargain with a concierge of their house and sell it at the entry. He does it almost always at a most undesirable moment, for instance, when his wife tries to sleep out in last five hours before going to work, he wakes her up and during these five hours is explaining her, what a wonderful idea he has got. As a result she is going to work unslept and the Beggar after seeing her off the premises is going to bed. Being awake he phones her and goes into hysterics because the lunch is not ready and he wants to eat. Surely, he has already forgotten everything that he was explaining heartily at night. Thus, everything is organized in such manner that it is impossible to divorce with him. Frankly speaking, I can only feel deeply sorry for those who have "fallen", in any sense, into familial situation with the Beggar.

Keeping in mind these gruesome stories, it is important to understand that at the beginning all Beggars threats are only words and fantasy. He will carry out his threats only when you will be scared by him and begin to fear. The Beggar often appeals to his group, his contacts or criminal friends. Nevertheless, the Beggars are loners. When it comes to the scratch and the danger becomes real all his fellows give him up or simply "sell" him.

It may appear that the Beggars are criminal elements. It is not so. Criminal structure is a system that is counter to the social system, reflect it like a mirror. Criminal world is necessary for society exactly to keep a tight rein on level of the Beggars. The Beggars like the animals may be governed only by training and fear. It may be said that the Beggars are a sort of embedment that does not belong neither social nor criminal worlds. That why the Beggars are afraid of criminal structures, which rules and regulations they do not follow. It is wonder that although they have absolutely thieves' mind, the criminal world turns away from them because they are unobservant of any social and criminal laws.

As it is said the Beggars are absent in social system, they are the ghosts. And where they come from? It is obvious that man is borne normal and it was already said the Beggar is a social virus, disease. Any social type may be infected with this virus; neither the Poor nor the Bluffer may be guaranteed against the disease. There is an intelligible mechanism of "infection". For example, ten years ago when a couple loved each other and they were starting a family, the husband was quite a normal man. Take as an instance a director of manufactory who has made a long and deserved journey. Something suddenly happens and husbands behavior changes and the director acts not like a "director". Therefore, it happens like in case of any unexpected disease: there is no guarantee that business partner of yesterday or relative who is very courteous and intelligent man will not demonstrate the characteristics of the Beggar. Nobody is guaranteed against it.

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