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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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It means that as far as you do not acknowledge their existence, they are harmless. Ive mentioned already and not accidentally that they are "social ghosts", holograms: there is a body but there is no man. He must be rounded as a physical object but he shouldnt be acknowledged as a social personality. Moving on the "grass" next to you he has a task to "seduce" you, expostulate, frighten, bumble, ask you to leave the "alley of law". He tries to trigger your reaction to him and convince you that he does "exist". It happens similar as with the "demons" ghosts of swamps, houses. Whatever comes upon you, whatever image is arisen, if you refuse to react it then it is not dangerous for you. But if you get scared or seduced, it will materialize in your life and then he can do with you whatever he wants. We can remind the stories about vampires and ghouls, especially the works of Alexey Tolstoy: "vampire can not enter your house if you dont invite him." Therefore they scrabble the glass outside, howl at the door, imitate the people which are dear for you, and ask you to let them in. As long as you dont invite them to enter, they are harmless. There are so many stories and legends about different "demons" that surprisingly exactly describe behaviour of the Beggars and relations with them. The main thing is that as long as you "dont invite" the Beggar in your "head" and acknowledge him as a social person, he is not dangerous for you. Picking up you emotionally, provoking compassion and greed, convincing you that he is a very serious social person: these are the only instrument by which he can "catch" you. If you believe him, the Beggar will come in your life and materialize.

Thats why it is important to realize that they are exactly the Social Ghosts. They will do everything to break this position of yours. Their amplitude of emotions, states, behaviour will fleetly change from tears and attempts to command sympathy to threats to your health and life. It happens so in case of diagnosis of "psychopathy", but more exactly, in case of the ghost of some castle. If the Ghost manages to catch you by compassion or fear he will become real and you will have actually a lot of problems. You try to do something: to reason, handle or get away from him. But it is too late because you have applied attitude towards him like he was a real man and have given him energy. Every your attempt to do something will make him stronger.

For this reason the level of Beggars is deathful for the level of the Bluffer. The Bluffer has the peculiarity that he can not leave the game with a man unfinished. Imagine a boxing bout where the one is a fighter and the other is a hallucination. And the time is not limited. What will be the end of the "fight"? The "fighter" will win himself and the hologram will be the real winner. It means that the real man will be hurried by himself so much that he will simply fell down. As far as it is impossible to win the Bluffer in society, and the game is interminable, it is only he who can quash himself i.e. to hurry himself until all his "energetic" will simply go away. It is just a remark.

It is important to understand that the Beggars are the social ghosts who convince you of their existence by groans, howls and threats. In case of a conflict all actions should be made only within the law, even if you understand that you can lose something. Because if you begin to act on their level, using force against the force or applying for a help to criminal structures and even more "authoritative Beggar", your things are in a bad way. It should be mentioned that if you move to their playground, you will find there a real criminal wild level. It is the only level where murders happen because a fight for swag is carried there. You try to "snap a piece" of property from the jaws, even if it is your own property, but the things for you may be finished badly. And it is not only in psychological meaning or theoretically but in reality. As an example there is unfortunately the "classical" case when husband kills his wife-businesswoman because she wanted to divorce and didnt leave him "means of subsistence". There is a real haircurling story where husband snatched 3-months-old child from his "rich" wife, and gave her an ultimatum that if she tries to divorce he would kill the baby. Lawyers do know that there are a lot of similar cases. Every year amount of them rises in the form of an avalanche and practically it is impossible to help victim in this situation. We may hardly say that nobody talk about it. You may watch any criminal TV news, the Beggars are always demonstrated there, but in reality the quantity of such cases is so large, much larger than "on TV". I have met with tens similar situations in life of people concerned the questions from family to division of company resources. When it is a family, the fight is carrying simply for "pension" and people stay alive. But when it is not a "pension" but the "dripping roast", the things are much worse. The Beggars are ready to liquidate everything and everyone for catching their food. Keep in mind that in any case everything begins from the moment when a man feels pity for them, or fears them and tries to use "nonsystem" methods.

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