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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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Concerning the fact that the Beggars are multiplied by the social policy it should be understood that they are supported not by social system. The Beggars are supported and "incubated" in social conditions by the state on the ground of obsolescence of state structure. It is the situation when that formation of a state is at the point of becoming a "ghost" of history. When the surplus product appears and qualitative evolution with that structure becomes impossible, the level of Beggars starts to bud in society. Situation becomes critical when the amount of Beggars becomes huge. That is the so-called "proletariat" on the base of which energy all revolutions happen. Remember the Bolshevist motto of October Revolution (Russia, 1917 note of translator): "Land is for the peasants, manufactories are for the workers", or the principle "Lets rob the robbed". The Beggars have always been attracted by the idea of easy occupancy of others property. Well come back talking about this specify.

It is not casual and it is not because of their lack in social niche, they are called in Temperology as the Beggars. The fact is that internally they have a fear that they get the social goods invalidly, i.e. against the rules of the system. Then, the "thieves world" is based on the mass of the Beggars, actually their core is thievish. They look like a cat in the kitchen that is ready to thieve something somewhere without thoughts of all consequences. But it is the extreme situation. As far as they understand that they get something by the way that is not provided in system, they do understand that the system can take it from them. The common man of a social system can always answer how and where he has got money to buy a car or anything else. Ha can always repeat the process to earn money and buy it again. Being in social system he is not afraid that his property can be taken away. He is under the protection of law. On the contrary the Beggar is afraid of law and struggles to avoid any official interactions. If someone asks him how he has got "such a car" he goes into a rage. More often than not he can not explain where he has got money. In answer to that they start telling about their social importance. As far as they are "hunting" in society, each income is casual and illegal. He hardly can repeat the way of earning and buying of a thing. It is the same as at the hunt, when every shot is inimitable.

It should be realized that the Beggars are excellent "actors" who practices on human weaknesses. Their strategy is to impel a man to stop official actions, to relate to him and convince in a "friendly manner" to take part in a questionable dealing with more questionable warrantee. As a result, after snatching a meal he gives up everything and gets away. It is quite normal for Beggars. Beggar can easily shoot down a $40 million project required by society, only in order to snatch a miserable sum enough only for living several months or buying a new thing. Those who were his "partners" will be left holding the bag.

Society can be supposed as a park with alleys and grass. The alleys are the social rules and grass is private, friendly and family relations which are based on the unwritten laws. The task of a Beggar is to seduce a man from "social" alleys to the grass, and make him to suppose that he may and "should" beat a statute in behalf of friendship, love, humanism or being simply humanly. When it is happened the Beggar begins to devour his "friend". As far as the last one has already slipped up and exited the "alley", there is no comeback for him. In other words the Beggars do not "step" on the "alleys" of this "park" themselves; they are walking alongside waiting for those who has slipped up.

This level has got this name not only because of the reason that the Beggars, even possessing some property, are always afraid to lose it because they do not feel themselves like the owners. Whatever they have they can not break away from feeling of "no-property". Their behaviour can be compared with behaviour of the beggar who is sitting on the street and panhandling. If you were giving him money for many days passing by, but one day you didnt do that, can you imagine what will happen? Have you met that? The beggar will begin to insist, solicit in a loud voice with saying something unpleasant, he may even threaten. These remind of behaviour of a madman, its unpleasant, surely, but it is not deathful. You are in security because he will not physically touch you. You should know that the Beggars get used that someone feeds them; they find it normal and with the lapse of time demand more and more. After refusal to feed them further they madden. If you fed the Beggar once, it is not he but you begin to be his debtor. Only the distance of social levels protects you from him.

However, if you, instead of simply passing by despite of screams, sit next to him and start "heart-to-heart talk", you will come into "his world" and become on his level showing that "we are equal men", and you will get all chances to receive a blow on the head. If you break the social hierarchy its your funeral. The Beggar will leave off accepting you as a social person and look at you as at his "chum". If you in this case receive a blow of bottle on your head and lose your purse, you may accuse your humanism.

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