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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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When the schizophrenic influence is in progress, a feeling of something hard, sharp-pointed and incisive is uprising. It may be defined precisely as a psychical message of other man that is obstinately breaking into our mind. In this situation it is necessary somehow to break away from the tough logical figure of the other personality. Schizophrenic pathology is intensified not by the topic of a talk but by the pathological power of your opponent.

What is to be done? To throw away everything! If it is an object of litigation which is important for you, you should commit the process to a specialist and quash your indignation. Perhaps, you will object: "But I will lose ten millions!" However, besides ten millions a man may lose his reason. It means to lose not only the object of litigation but a peace of mind as well which is the criteria objectifying the valuation of mans existence. If on the contrary you stop and allow the honesty internally incident to the objects to join a game (read "Situation" note of the author) keeping indifference in case of your truth the objects will return back to you.".

It is complicated to give more explicit definition of that feeling that goes from the Beggar as something that is "harshly breaking into your mind". I do not agree with the term of "schizophrenia" used by Meneghetti. But this is the fact that through the contact with the Beggar a sort of "infection" is acquired. Contact with the Beggar is fraught with danger to lose yourself as a personality and to spend the rest of your life in a paranoid terror.

One must make a specification. Meneghetti has uncovered the burden but he didnt define what he meant by using "schizophrenic", he confined himself by the name "a man from the crowd". I think the cause of this hesitating on the half-way is that it could have never entered his head that it was not a disease but the other type of thinking. It is a mind of a "social animal" which is the animal with the cover of a human being. That is the key. He writes that you may resign your property and there the matter will be drop. But the founder of Ontopsychology is wrong. The practice shows that a man can be rarely successful in "paying off" the Beggar. It could be possible if the Beggar was interested in property only. Sadly if the Beggar caught you at the humanism and mildness he will not get off your back until translating you in someone similar to him. It looks like a vampires bite. He will never stop until all your blood will be sucked, whereat you will become like him. About this "infection" with anxiety and paranoid terror the shaman would say that the Beggar devours the Soul of a man and never stops till hes finished. In truth, from the position of shamanism a man after communicating with the Beggar has all symptoms of "soul stealing". I think, when Meneghetti was saying about "loss of reason" he was meaning exactly the following aspect: frantically hard, vacuous feeling of paranoia, and anxiety, by which a man is distressed and can not get free of it.

I would like to notice that, if we talk about a psychiatric diagnosis, in case of the Beggars its better to talk not about the schizophrenia but psychopathy. Big Juridical Dictionary defines psychopathy as "deviant distinctive behavior which is not associated with physical disease. Psychopath ... doesnt have sense of guilt"*. If we look in Dictionary of Clinical Psychology well find the following characteristics:

"The typical symptoms of psychopathy include: inability to manage emotions (hastiness, overoptimism and outsize pessimism, suspiciousness), weak will and poor behavioral controls (laziness, impatience, disposition to alcohol and drug, sexual promiscuity, susceptibility to antisocial influence), dangerous and inappropriate actions (aggression, meaningless thieving, violence or overweening unsociable demeanour), and incorrect self-concept."**. It should be added that psychopath is very mercantile in achieving his goals. Definition of psychopathy describes the most characteristics of level of the Beggars, but not all of them. Psychopath may remind the Beggar, but it doesnt mean that he is the Beggar.

More than a year I spent examining of this level; several years were spent to understand what should be done with its representatives. First of all, it should be understood that it is mind of an animal. The second thing is that Beggars do not exist from the position of a social system. Of course, the physical bodies of Beggars do exist; they may be touched, given a nip. But they do not exist from the position and inside of a social system. Thats why the Beggars may be designated as Social Ghosts or simply the Ghosts.


* Author uses information from online Internet dictionaries note of editor.

** The same source-note of editor

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