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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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He showed the futility of the attempts of professor Preobrazhensky to become free himself from his creature Sharikov. He artistically showed the model of behaviour and methods of the Beggars actions. Meanwhile, Bulgakov even showed the progress of the Beggar from the "animal state" to the state of a "big man", his developing ability to mimicry, imitation of the increasingly higher social levels. But it is a literary composition where Preobrazhensky could revert Beggar back to the "dog state" when he had understood that Sharikov had been not only just wrecking his nerves and pretending to the housing space, but preparing his "legal physical liquidation". In real life "Sharikov" generally achieves his purpose. Bulgakov has caught the moment that the Beggar "rounds up" his victim from all the sides, and as in match game gives checkmate. Truly, the Beggar always anticipates all possible moves that his victim can make and he is always ahead. Sharikov didnt anticipate only one thing, the possibility to revert him back to the "dog state". This only unanticipated possibility was used by Preobrazhensky. It is clear that genre required to right a wrong at the end of a composition. But real life differs from artistic; it has not so many "imaginational" possibilities. Thats why the victim has poor choice neither to subdue to Beggar (actually, it will not help), nor to die, sometimes physically as well.

I can "cheer up" that almost everyone may find in his surrounding, among relatives or colleagues, the Beggar, who sometimes is "not activated". Thats why this topic of the Beggars concerns actually everyone. A husband given to drink, workless, who is sitting at home all days long, laying on the bed, requiring better food, care, love. An inadequate wife, who is suffering from a disease for years and getting into a tantrum or being depressed, blaming her husband for her state, and requiring from him "to do something" to improve her life. An insistent and inadequate relative who requires you to place him in a good situation, vouch in bank for his ability to pay, start a business with him. At the same time he has neither relevant education, nor intelligence quotient for some post or common dealings. A stray acquaintance, who has a mass of contacts in the "highest quarters", can help you to "pull off a deal" quickly and inexpensive. A former schoolmate after a long time conceived a passion for you and actively started to govern your destiny. A chief-Goblin, relative of a companys owner or co-founder, humiliates the staff and spoils organization by his significance and incompetence. There are mass of different variants and sometimes very sudden. It may be even the chiefs of large organizations, and it is rare.

But if you "got in trouble" I may say the following: dont come up against the Beggars. You should keep social distance and use only legal methods. Affirm in every case all your agreements in documents. The only instrument that may unscramble situation is the Attitude: to look at the factual moves, behaviour and actions of a man. For thinking a way out of trouble you may use only the work with Situation. The common methods of linear intercommunications are doomed to failure; you will make the things worse only.

So, today Temperology is the only direction of thought that has examined enough the level of the Beggars. And only Temperology has the instrument that allows securing all guarantees from this level including the Attitude and the Mental Positioning. System of the EFSI (the Effective Formation of a Social Individuality note of translator) was built when I "discovered" the Beggars existence as a special "subspecies". Nobody and nothing except Temperology can do something with this level, because on reason that all directions are based on the humanistic and psychological positions.

One may play a game of development, study on different courses but the Beggars give a toss about what you know and how much you are developed. These are the real situations, often with tragic endings. Nothing will help, no "putting on blinders and earmuffs", no suasions and expostulations, no psychological, moral, ethical methods, nothing that the common people use. We may view in a big way as well. Let get an insight into behaviour of Georgia in foreign affairs (Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Situated at the juncture of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia note of translator). This country was mounting "deceitful" attacks on the surrounding territories. Last time it happened on the next day after a promise of non-aggression, given by the Georgian president. Then an assault upon South Ossetia was made, it was the day of beginning of Olympic Games, which was not very fair, wasnt it? Then, manipulation of public opinion of the Western countries that came next in the first days of conflict. Does anything before-mentioned resemble, but in a big way, an original Beggar-country? Russia answered to the aggression of Georgia completely correct, and Ossetia was saved. But it was a tactical answer, that didnt solve the problem. Moreover, a larger "Goblin" was attracted and activated. Think at the base of abovementioned, how the macrosituation will develop under these circumstances? Surely, you are not so naive to think that the situation has been finished. So, not only individuals, but even the countries have to pay dear for ignorance. Sometimes the price is the human lives.

Now, I hope it is clear that Temperology, possessing this knowledge, immediately concerns with the real situations in life. A man who understands the things, about which we talk, and who doesnt want to get into such situation, may address only to knowledge of Temperology and nothing else. I am not praising myself; I am just stating the fact. If you have any doubt you may check it. Its your life; it is you who choose what will happen. You may participate in any courses or trainings, you may pray and go to mass, ask your friend or relative about advice in this situation, receive additional education, convene a council. Perhaps, it will help.

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