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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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The second group of the Beggars is the Spirits. This name is taken from the mysticism: the "lost souls" are wandering near our world on the reason that they are driven by some passion. These are the souls of self-murderers, voluptuaries. They "come" during the spiritualistic seances, thats why they have this name. If we believe the myths, the cause of their ghastly state is that if they want to escape from the eternal suffering they need the physical body which they do not have. After being embodied they may decide their problems and continue the "karmic" cycle. So, in distinction from Goblins they are not interested in finance, property of the other man. They are interested in his vital time and "body". We may say that they originally use the other person for solving their problems.

As a rule, there are more Goblins among men and there are more Spirits among women. Spirit is generally a very intelligent, talented person of great likelihood but always very ill. Her behaviour is anguished; she accuses the man who cares about her of her pathetic fate thereby causing a sensation of guilt. Spirits are allegedly ready to leave the man to go away. But before that they cause so strong feeling of guilt that the other man can not leave the Spirit to die. In reality, a man doesnt notice that all his thoughts, deals, free and vital time become dedicated to complying with Spirits wishes. The last one is lying at home and quietly dieing. Sometimes she rarely goes out. Regularly she demonstrates her creative skills but never realizes it. It looks like she is always proving to the person whom she uses that she is so creative individuality, but very unhappy. As a result, she is simply "eating" the life of the other man.

From the position of physical danger the Spirits are harmless. They do not threat, but only use a sentiment of pity of the other man. But from the position of loosing self as an Essence, the things are more dangerous. Actually they attach their Essence to the "body" of the other man extruding his own Essence to the space between the worlds. As a result, Spirit may be solves her problems but the man, who takes care about her, is not able to decide his vital tasks; he doesnt catch to pass his vital lessons. As a result, a man loses self. It may be said that Spirits "move" into a man.

Surely they have their own "instrument", which they use to attach the other man to themselves so strongly. I would say that they precisely read the "level of belief" of a man. For example you have got a thought that there is conscious dreaming. At that moment the Spirit is revealing a secret to you that she was having conscious dreams for a long time but up to this moment has never told anyone about it. But that is from field of mysticism. It may be any other topic. For example, youve got a thought that you would like to build a house. At that moment the Spirit declares that she wants to live in the country. You are amazed how inwardly sympathetic you are to this person, there is much affinity between both of you, and it is so wonderful that this person thinks and wants the same thing as you. After that, try to leave this man if he needs a help. If you ever think about it, you will fret yourself to death by the twinges of remorse. Meanwhile, the spirits, periodically in order to "increase the effect", awake from somnambulistic, suffering state and get into a tantrum without any factual causes. Then they explain that the cause was that they suddenly felt useless, they were not wanted here and abandoned. These tantrums are spontaneous, "bright", sometimes with breaking dishware and "scratching of faces". It keeps the husband in suspense. The explanations of causes of tantrum provoke his "tears of compassion". So, this husband who is noways to blame, intelligent and polite, who loves her wife, is sitting on the mountain of broken dishes with scratched face, embracing and becalming his wife, who is coming round. He is asking not to "leave him", proving her how much he needs her and sobbing over her difficult fate. And during all his life he is afraid even to move. Perhaps, he may deal a blow at her again and she blows her cool again. That is their life.

There is an interesting thing that they may quickly recover from "sickness" under certain conditions that force the Spirits to struggle for survival. But it is relative recovering from "sickness" before the next "body" with "whom" she will have a lot of "common" hopes, views, and interests and "who" will undertake responsibility for her. Though, the Goblin will never recover neither temporarily nor "everlastingly". For recovering a man must want it. But there are no conditions that may force the Goblin to wish "to stop to be a goblin".

So, its better not to have any dealings with the Beggars, but to "recognize them on their way". But information about existence of this level is obtained by the man, as a rule, at the moment when he has already got some dealings with them. Often and often the interconnections with the Beggar may be so close, that the man may have no chances to escape. Reread the book or watch the film "The heart of a dog". Michail Bulgakov completely but in a softly form described the model of behaviour and actions of the Beggar, Poligraph Poligraphovich Sharikov. Bulgakov amazingly precisely seized the essence of that level.

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