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Chapter 2.1. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The level of the "Beggars"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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The Beggar does not think like an ordinary man. The point is in absolutely other scheme of thinking that differs from mind of decent people. Resemblance between common worker and the Beggar is outward only, in other words it is biological, because both of them are human beings. Let us examine what is actually going on in Beggars "head". Ive already mentioned that the Beggar has the same way of thinking as an animal. Unfortunately, it should be understood not as a metaphor but literally. Lets specify the difference between animal and human mind. Animal is not tied down by any moral frames. It is interested only in survival which means getting food. It has no "human" intellect which is based on reflections and uses to think over forthcoming action even half an hour. As far as it has quite a primitive mind it gets the "hot line link" between unconscious informational layer and the actions. It means that information from the unconscious layers is being realized and passed to the action tenfold faster than it happens in the human head. For example, when a man merely thinks to feed his lovely cat, the pet has already "read" this information and is hanging around. Imagine, if it is not a cat, but a tiger and both of you are together in a room... You merely began to think about a door to go out the tiger is already at the door. Youve got a thought about the window the tiger is getting on his feet and going to the window. Animal is always ahead. Escaping from the beast is possible if your mind is cut out and stopped "telling" the animal what you are going to do.

We look at the Beggars as at the same human beings as we are and we use the same rules towards them as towards other people. Among other things, Beggars mind is the mind of an animal. Ive already noticed that common man can not understand that because of his education and view of the world. Thats why the common people are shocked by Beggars inadequacy: when they make no scruple of breaking any engagements and turning everything towards their own profit and people support them. If you try to accuse the Beggar of anything what he did, you will be at fault anyway. If a common man fell into Beggars clutches even if it is family, friend, colleague, boss, or the partner it is impossible for him to break forth using any of the known methods. There might be no illusions. Any attempts to break forth will only make matters worse...

That is the characteristic which helped to identify Beggars because none of psychological methods of existing schools could work with them. If you use any technique, for example from NLP or Hypnosis, after a minute you may find that the Beggar automatically makes the same thing that you have tried to make. It may be said that he was copying everything what his companion was doing, simply poaching and using it at once. It takes a year to teach the common man to position himself correctly. The Beggar is doing it perfectly even after a half an hour without any explanations; he is simply "reading the information". It took more than a year to understand this level conclusively. And now I declare that only Temperology and no other study has this understanding of the level of Beggars, perception of it and what is most important an instrument to control the level of Beggars.

Do the Beggars constitute only a financial danger? I think that loss of property or money is the minor evil that comes from this level. The situation is much more serious. In a book of Antonio Meneghetti I have found a very exact but superficial description of this level. Unfortunately, Meneghetti confined himself to observations only, and didnt define what he faced. In his book "System and Personality" in chapter "Dialectic of schizophrenic" he gives the following description related to the level of Beggars:

"In most cases the dialectic of human relationships, especially when it concerns some of us personally, is comparable with the process when everyone is intended to implant in someone the seeds of schizophrenia. In other words, the schizophrenic (read "the Beggar" note of the author) by using the verbal and nonverbal languages, by semantic and emotively is always intended to the reduction of his partners rational dialectic to the typology of schizophrenics scale i.e. to the pathology of mans psychical activity. Schizophrenic will never teach someone something precious and helpful. It is not only the vampirism of the other man. The goal of schizophrenic is to infect his partner with his more definitive pathology. The contact may be occurred at the moment when you decide to perform humane action, to help because of empathy which is based on implicit belief. This contact may lead up to the disease because the person who asked for your help and seemed to be in need, in reality relays the pathology by taking harmless or good occasion. Nevertheless, it sets up a sensual contact which becomes a bridge of informational transmission inside the mental structures.

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