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Chapter 2. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The Social System

Author: Sergey Kronin

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However, the increased amount of workers in the morning decreases again. A lot of "bluffers", "careers", "honests" and especially "poors" are sitting near the warehouse with thermometers and bandages. They were involved in the "industrial accident". The community of the first people understands that this group has suffered for cause, and begins to feed them. Regularly, someone from the group of the patients is getting better, but late in the day he is sustaining a new injury, because if he was ill all day long the people around will bored with it. He should show the efforts. Then humanistic "working first people" will feel sorry for them, sympathize with them and bring the roots. So, there is both food, and attention, and you should not do anything, just have a rest and sing pitiful songs.

It is clear for us that they are only demonstrating the efforts and engagement. In fact they have found an ideal method how to feed on the whole community and do not care about anything. Their key to welfare is mimicry. After a while just mimicry becomes their main means of survival.

However, they are not good for anything except reflecting of any of the levels. As they improve their skills to "play" any of the levels, the fear of the community grows too: someone may suddenly suspect that this person is a "werewolf" and in fact he doesn’t like to participate in process. That all his diseases, decrepit state or fine words are not true and that he is interested in appropriation of product only. Then community decides that he is harmful for the system and he will be turned out of the community. Outside the "warehouse" there are hungers, physical danger; the conditions of life are not comfortable. He may not survive there physically. So, the main task of this pseudo-level is excluding the exposure.

In order to exclude this possibility he tries to turn the public opinion to his account. He devotes all his time to assuring people around that his person is very significant for the system and is of large benefit to the system. And people around do believe him. As a result, this group of idlers perfectly gets implanted in community that feeds them and doesn’t guess about their existence among its members.

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