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Chapter 2. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The Social System

Author: Sergey Kronin

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At last the Poor first people are overcoming all formalities and entering the warehouse. There they are being met by a menacing, very serious and inaccessible warehouse owner. All diggers-sticks are concentrating in his hands. The Career is a very serious first man. He is always busy, has no time for trifles, and hates pointless deals. In reality he likes to be so serious and bound up in some very important work. He takes delight in dispensing digger-sticks in the morning and collecting them in the evening, but he mostly enjoys giving commands where and what to dig. To be honest, the Poor people don't care about papers to complete or the place where to pick ground. The basic thing for them is just to pick. They are patiently completing papers of the Honest and listening to the instructions of Career. But one can see from their faces that they consider all of these things are foolish and waste of time, which they would like to spend by picking ground.

Meanwhile, a strange first man is sitting on the top of warehouse. When he woke up, firstly he climbed up there. He is standing on the roof, actively swinging his arms, loudly and self-forgetfully inspiring the other first people to the "work exploit". He is telling how wonderful will be digging tomorrow, how landscape will change after that digging. Frankly speaking no one seems to take him seriously. But as far as his speech is very fascinating and he is a good-natured man and sometimes even useful (particularly when it is necessary to regulate "external relationship" with representatives of neighboring warehouses), so everyone is nice to him. Especially as because he brings some very naive and genial atmosphere to the working process, entertains and compliments everyone, so the Poor and Honest first people, even the Career treat him kindly. As he climb up the roof of the warehouse every morning and entertain people therefrom, so as to keep him from falling down through the heat of his eloquence, a ladder and tribune were built for him by a joint effort. He is the Bluffer. He likes to invent how the space around the warehouse will look like. He likes to think up new intrigues and processes and then see how they are being realized. That’s why he climbs up the roof from which it is visible everything that is happening around. In fact he doesn’t entertain people around. This is a method of unhurried "embedding" them all his view of what and how it should be done. None suspects this.

But when the Poor first people went away to enjoy the process of digging, the Honests went to write instructions for the evening, the Career first man went out into the field to manage the process of digging, the Bluffer climbed down from the roof began to rush between the Honests giving them a hint about fine phrases for the new instructions, a group of strange first people peeped out through the bushes. They bore no resemblance to the considered first people. They do not like any kind of work which the "working people" are occupied with. But they do want to eat and not to do anything. Perhaps they would not go to the warehouse but the product that the Poor first people dig during the day is keeping there. And it is so hard to idle being hungry. There were attempts to penetrate the warehouse roughly by different methods in different time of the day. Every time at the end the Poor first people were coming running and beating badly. So, it was no deal to penetrate through the warehouse. It was possible to make it once being a fortunate, but hunger is coming every day. They were down to only one thing to pretend to be one of the "working people".

The group of idlers disguise themselves in costumes of the Honests, the Poors, the Career and the Bluffer; strike the attitudes which they have seen among the "working people", learn by heart everything that they say. Being dressed up they are going away to the Honests or the Poors. Those who have dressed up like the Career or the Bluffer are beginning to shift among the workers giving them advices and instructions. Late in the day they begin to feel at home in their roles and enter to the warehouse for getting their part of the roots with the all working people who has returned after work. As a result they understand that it is better to pretend to be someone from the higher levels: it is much easier to pretend, less to do and the portion of roots is much bigger. Next morning the group of the Honests who meet the Poors is a bit larger, there are even few Careers and a whole choir of Bluffers whom the roof can not contain. Each of them cries as much as he can.

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