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Chapter 2. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The Social System

Author: Sergey Kronin

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In order to understand it, lets resort to the abstract theory. Society lives by rules of behaviour and rules that normal man follows in his life: morals, ethics, norms by which man arranges his actions. For a wonder some forest animal, for example a fox, has turned into a human, studied how to speak, learned by heart rules of society. But way of thinking remained the same as the thought of an animal. It means that this "fox-man" attaches importance to the "prey" and is guided by instinct in his life. There is a question, how this human can hunt in "society and what instrument he uses. The instrument of the hunt will be not the legs and teeth but knowledge of the rules and morality of society. For example, if such man illegally moves into ones apartment and he is going to be evicted (remember the similar story about the fox and hares house), he will begin to use everything, that normal person is guided by: from appealing to humanism till insisting on his rights.

Social norms, morality do not mean anything for "parasites", they ignore them but are able to manipulate it skillfully. Just remember Denmark. A house that had been placed at disposal of homeless people for temporary living was taken away back. None was crying that it was government that had accommodated and they had to be thankful. But crying was about taking them away, violating their rights and it was supervening by disorders. And even Americans have long since been "overpowered" by feminists, Afro-Americans, sexual minorities etc. While their fighting for equal rights it came down that ordinary "white" man has fewer privileges than others. If Afro-American is driven into a corner for a crime committed by him, a shout about discrimination is springing immediately. As my friend top manager of the western company said: "Today it is more expedient to be black invalid of non traditional sexual orientation" none has right simply to reject him for employment.

So, the beggars have adapted to survive in society and get "food" not by working but by manipulation of society values, norms, ethics and morality. Though, they do not follow these rules, but substantiate their desires. The way of thinking of these "men-animals" is corresponding. It operates in a reverse order: firstly I want to do something, then I do it, and then I underpin all that has been done on norms of morality and law. Ordinary man can not countered with anything because he is disabled by following these rules.

Now, we are coming to the level of Beggars, as we named it in Temperology. The lack of moral and ethic limits, brilliant manipulation of peoples mind, focus on getting prey these are not everything. That is no more than general arrangement. There is something else that signifies from position of Temperology. Why do not normal people see a "doubtful person" before them and why do they believe him? That is the nuance of the level of Beggars mimicry.

In order to reach sinecure in society one thing remains for the Beggar is to become undistinguishable from the "creator-man, to resemble to the common member of a group for easy penetrating into it and getting direct access to the "product", that group produces. It is necessary to mimic the person that is supported by social system and at the expense of which to get access to the social goods. Therefore the main fear of the Beggar is that someone will expose true intention and find that he is not a "creator", but "parasite".

For making the process of mimicry more clear let us return to the metaphor about the first men and a digger-stick. So, morning is coming and people around are waking up. An interesting day lies ahead. Everyone is waking up for something his own.

Most first people are waking up for catching the digger-stick and beginning to dig. They are dreaming about this digger-stick, thats why their looks while sleeping are blissful. But they dont have their own "digger-stick" because they are Poor first people (the Poor Basic Level note of translator). All digger-sticks are kept in warehouse. So, the Poor first man has to run quickly to the warehouse for getting his digger-stick. They are tripping over one another in running to the warehouse, some of them even without having breakfast.

But no! The Honest first people are meeting and stopping them near warehouse, bringing to form a queue and complete a mass of different papers that will allow them getting digger-stick. The Honest people are not waking for their health. They also are dreaming about how they will get everything to rights, distribute and collect "digger-sticks receipt permits". They like to get everything to rights, verify. Thats why they came to the warehouse even earlier than the Poor first people and had time to prepare instructions for distribution.

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