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Chapter 2. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The Social System

Author: Sergey Kronin

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For justice' sake I will mark that member of society certainly should be supported: those who really need support, aged and disabled persons, should not to be forgotten. For some reason the state forgets exactly about them but gives an incentive to "morons", forgiving their sins, worrying and fussing over them. Such "orphans", as from the novels of Ilf & Petrov, were gathering for while in a yard of the house in Moscow where I live in. They were 15 unemployed one hundred kilo guys, always drinking something and singing songs. All of them were taking a rest on the social and feeding on their working wives, who were driving them sometimes to their flats. Each of them had some degree of disability and at the same time could easily pick up 50-kilo bench and move it to the more comfortable place when necessary. Regularly, a police car was driving up to them and two guards being half as much seize as the "the disabled guys", were getting out of the car and rebuking them for their bad behaviour. As it was written in the novel "12 chairs" (authors Ilf & Petrov – note of translator) the "orphans" were ashamed co much and after departure of the police car their songs were becoming more sad and long-drawn-out... This episode is funny, rather harmless and naive although very significant.

It should be understood that democracy is a tactical instrument in the core of its mechanism. It allows creating dynamics of social processes, raising industry, using initiative of the citizens but at the same time it creates chaos or situation of strategic uncontrollability. It is similar to the things that are happening in groups of Lower sociotypes. None is responsible for the things that have been made ten years ago and none answers for the consequences of one or another reform. Notably, in conditions of democracy it is impossible to find person that is responsible for the things that have happened or will happen. Solution of strategic climate and environmental problems, ethnos survival should not be required from democratic society, only economic and industry growth. Today the idea of democracy is at variance with the needs of social system. The growing problematics in whole western community is indicative of that. Moreover, such strategic uncontrollability with use of so powerful implements of production constitutes a menace for every living thing on the planet Earth. So the next step of development of our culture, whether we like it or not, will become something that will take the strategic responsibility for the future and that will have legal opportunity to execute this responsibility for a long time. I do understand and conceive what a new ideological base should be. It is capable to come in the stead of democracy and it becomes a logical development of society with reservation of rights and freedoms. If one analyzes the components of Temperology, the idea of future will become rather obvious. But it is not my task to announce it in a global scale. It means that I know and can teach other people who want it how to live. But I have no desire to become Don Quijote in a scale of whole society.

Let us return to the main topic. Inside society, there are "creators" and "parasites". Social system supports "creators" and tries its best to get rid of "parasites". "Alive" state is functions according requirement of the system, but "dying" state the contrary stimulates development of the "parasites" level. From position of the social system only one thing is important: the amount of people who are engaged with enthusiasm in activity inside the system. I will picturesquely say that Egregor of social system lives on the energy of enthusiasm. And state’s destiny depends on how the state understands this task of creating enthusiastic people who like to live in it. According as either the state supports "creators" or "parasites", the way of thinking of the supported group in society is becoming the leading one. And it won’t be secret that thought of these groups operates in different way.

When a man develops something, his thought takes the lead over action. Firstly he thinks, conceives something and then rearranges his actions according his comprehension. It is a progress of a human. Animal as it is generally known wants to do something, firstly to satisfy his instinct, and then only thinks. Man’s thought passes ahead and makes him change himself and change his ideas about the world. Animal meets his needs simply by finding the easiest way of realization. The thought of a man who uses to parasitize and is oriented exclusively to the receiving of the product is very similar to the thought of an animal (I hope humanists will forgive me).

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