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Chapter 2. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The Social System

Author: Sergey Kronin

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However, as it has been already mentioned, the social system develops with the help of people who are carried away by their work, lives according her rules: and she rejects those who parasitize "on her body". The state is a mediator between the social system and a person. It supports the development of the society by the laws protecting the citizens from the external enemies and "parasitic" beggars. Unfortunately, when the state is not able to support the development of the social system, i.e. renovate its rules, it begins to act as opponent to the "beggars group" and to explain away its own existence by dint of lending help to the poor people and fighting against the crime. As history shows, that is a threshold of great changes.

But is the state so guilty? I think that the state is a "dupe" itself. Why do all attempts to create the ideology of the country (never mind the civilization) fail? The fact is that the new ideology forecasts new principles of mechanism of the state. Today we are living in democratic country, democratic civilization. Creature of new ideology will mean that we will stop to live in a world built according democratic principles (it should be marked – of American exemplar) and start to live in a world built on some other principles.

Moreover, the history does not repeat itself. Return to the monarchy, feudalism or communism is impossible on the reason of developed economic and technical conditions of life. It means that the new non-democratic state will be generally other. That’s why creating new ideology means creating a new model of state. No more, no less. The fact that democratic mechanism is obsolescent is not a secret for anyone but for "want of something better" everyone praises it and requires respecting its rules.

So why did the time come when the history was ready and claimed for birth of new principles of people’s life in the state? The matter of fact is that the democracy in its modern form was necessary for revival of industry and transition from manual labour to the mechanical production. It means that democracy was needful for development of merchant class and manufacturers. Today hyper development of commercial and industry complex is going. The process of globalization has begun – emergence of giant international companies. So it may be said that the idea of "sovereignty of the people" was needed exactly for that. As a matter of fact, today exactly economics determinates the politics. Now we can observe the overproduction in all industries: society is not even able to consume all goods because it is being produced in great amount. Accordingly, the amount of potential and real bleeders – engaged beggars – is increasing. The mass loss of interest to the work, that the man is occupied with, leads to the crisis of the reason that is indicated by mental condition of practically whole civilization and degeneration of white population. No economic and political methods can prevent the impending disaster. So the changes are required by the democratic idea and rethink of the term "humanism". Otherwise, even in near 15-20 years we may watch the sunset of western civilization.

Objectively, it concerns the idea of Humanism. The humanistic idea itself is faultless, but it is dreadful what it was changed into and the things that are happening under the cloak of humanism. It is so perverted today that became the excuse for revival of practically all sores of society that also leads to its regeneration. If we appeal to the independent source we read the following: "Humanism suggest to measure life by requirements, needs and rights of a man. Well, what kind of man? Who is the standard? According to the modern civilized world the sexually retarded and voracious moron who is inclined to the "permanent relaxation" (as it is written in the sales country real estate bulletins) is acknowledged as the etalon of a man. The world is adapted to him, his excitement problems, his ear for music, mental capacity, sympathies in politics."* It means that the state by its social policy, declared values, and using humanism ideas as a cover, cultivates quantitative growth of such persons with whom it fights and thereby proves necessity of its existence. So it comes out as the today humanism has become as one of the main brake on progress of human personality encouraging its degradation. I think that philosophers-founders of the humanistic idea were aghast at the thing what has been done with their brainchild.


* Moskvina T., "Demon of petty", weekly publication "Delo" (SPb), 02.08.2004, p 12.

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