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Chapter 2. from a book Temperology: Manifesto of a "Middle Class"

The Social System

Author: Sergey Kronin

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At school we have learned well-known phrase that "labour created man himself". Let me tell you how it has happened. I am not interested in the political and economical aspects of this process, moreover, in capital formation nor the principles of alternating state systems. There are many deserving works that concern these things. We are interested in evolution of the Basic Levels through the evolution process of social system. Thats why I will view the evolution process of our civilization once more time. I will do it primitively, in a childish way so as not to make play with economical and political aspects. Were beginning at the moment when the first man took a stick in his hand for the first time and gave thought with the opportunities that it opened up thereby.

Its hard to dispute the fact that the evolution of our society started at the moment when the first labour tool was made. It is the moment when a man has got an idea to become a sort of transformer. Likewise a food processor with removable devices a man began to attach different attachments to his body that allowed him to become a multifunctional being. Nowadays accordingly to the weather and situation we attach clothes, drill and spoon, car or roller-skate to our body. Surely, long, long time ago there was no such variety of "attachments", but only the primitive ones as labour tools. At the moment when the man has attached a stick to his hand he started to distinguish from the world of animals. In order to make our explanation more primitive let we name the first tool a "digger-stick", using which the first men have been drawing roots from the ground. A "digger-stick" allowed the first man to draw more roots and to get enough food for survival. It happened that making provision has needed less strength and energy. Man has got more free time.

A "digger-stick" has changed the life of a man cardinally. It allowed getting extra amount of product that was not so necessary for survival. Thus, two aspects appeared the process of labour and the product of labour. It means the process of digging up by the stick and a huge of roots, which were drawn but could not be eaten.

At that moment the first men divided into two parts. One of them surely liked to dig up the ground. They liked the process. There was no necessity to do that, because there was enough reserve for elementary survival. But they couldnt stop and continued to dig the ground left and right. Moreover, they always were modifying the digger-stick. Up-to-time they put a horse to it, later a tractor and they were continuing to dig the ground. But the first men loved simply digging as like the modern man enjoys driving car, hunting or fishing not for survival but for fun. It was only one part of ancient society.

There was another part of people, who were more rational and pragmatic. Digging the ground didnt mean a thing to them. And this only idea was giving rise to mental trouble. But they were able to appreciate the taste of the saved roots. They were interested in the labour product of the first group of ancient people. It is safe to say that they enjoyed eating the products of others work. Men who live by vicarious labour can survive rather easily and harmlessly. So, two very dedicated groups appeared. One group went out for the process of digging, and the other were fascinated by eating the results of digging.

Thus the society fell into two groups of those who went out of creating the product and those who were interested in product itself. It is clear that accordingly to the interest of the group inside each of them its own model of thinking was formed. In actual fact, these are two diametrically opposed life positions. As time went on, a confrontation between these groups was rising. It was shown in social forms.

Meanwhile, evolution of society involves exactly the first group of people who create the values of society, namely the extra amount product. The extra amount of product required the creation of a system in order to regulate relations between people and resource allocation. Such system exercised another important function; it guaranteed the physical survival of a man within the system. In such a way the first non-animal social system came into being. It was the system where the man could not be worry about physical survival; he was protected from the wild animals and hunger.

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