Additional EFSI Programs

Training "The art of public speeches"


1. Behaviour strategies before the audience.

1.1. Influence of the "audience" type upon the choice of behaviour strategy.

1.1.1. Auditorium: conditions, acoustics, furniture, "social" level.

1.1.2. Listeners: "basic level" of listeners, reason of visit, purpose concerning the topic of training/speech and the lecturer/trainer.

2. Relation to the audience and interpretation of audience’s reaction to the speech: image of the lecturer and basis of positioning.

3. Types of speeches.

3.1. Mono-lecture, dialogue, conference, presentation etc.

3.2. Aims and tasks of different speeches types

4. Effects of the speeches: planning of necessary effect.

5. The "form" and "content" of the speech.

5.1. Free and regulated forms of the speech.

6. Rhetoric and oratory.

6.1. Methods of the "quick actuation".

7. The state before the audience.

7.1. Inner basics of work with audience.

8. Game with audience: aggressive, friendly and protective forms.

9. Work with the audience as with the energy stream (basic principles and exercises).

10. Work with the audience on the base of space support (on the base of Calibration attainments – basics and exercises).

11. Work with the audience on the base of hypno-models (basics and exercises).


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