Additional EFSI Programs

"Issues of tolerance while communicating", a social program of the EFSI trainings

Social project

"Tolerance of actions"

According to the "Declaration of Principles on Tolerance" (Declaration of Principles on Tolerance proclaimed and signed by the Member States of UNESCO on 16 November 1995 and Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on 25.08.01 № 629 "On Federal program on the promotion of tolerance and prevention of extremism for 2000-2005") tolerance is defined as "a value and social norm of civil society that is manifested in a right of all individuals of civil society to be different: providing the stable harmony between social groups, readiness to understand and cooperate with people which views are different".

Training course "Tolerance of actions while communicating" is a practical step towards development of tolerance actions in social interconnections. Tolerance of actions means a competence to interconnect with other people without mutual violence, conflicts with keeping personal point of view and inner freedom of thought, making it maximally effectively for realization of own goals and practical tasks.

Training course "Tolerance of actions while communicating" being a part of the EFSI program is a social project that is intended to the development of the basics of tolerance on actions among the members of project and dedicated to the wide audience.

Of the EFSI Program

"The Effective Formation of a Social

Individuality in society of the XXIst century:

formation of a tolerant mind of individuality

The Name of the Program

Social initiative in realizing in life of society the tolerance principles, i.e. the basics of the Effective Formation of the Social Individuality (abbreviation the EFSI).

The Aim of the Program

Practical formation of citizens’ individual tolerant behaviour skills that determinate success of their behaviour in society.

The Task of the Program:

Practical realization of the system that forms the rules of the tolerant behaviour by means of:

  • Organizing the special programs (projects) in a field of improving the social competence of people;
  • Application of effective social and cultural technologies in order to popularize the tolerant behaviour norms in day-to-day life of people (the EFSI).

List of events:

  • Organizing the EFSI seminars (trainings) that form the basics of tolerant behaviour in day-to-day interconnections;
  • Realization of the EFSI events complex – specialized training EFSI programs.

Instrument of the Program realization:

The EFSI is an innovative social and cultural technology which is complete, independent, social and scientific direction (was elaborated in 1996-2004).

Main directions of the Program:

Organization of special practical seminars that allow everyone to manifest their tolerant behaviour in society, including training and retraining of specialists in different fields.

The Program makes allowed wide participation of communities and other organizations that share principles of civil society and first of all the principle of tolerance.

Mechanism of Program realization:

Wide appeal of individuals and organizations for participating in realization of the Program; open access to the materials and data base prepared in frame of the Program.

Practical realization of the EFSI program:

  • the program: "minimum" has the universal characteristics and consists of several social projects and short-term programs which are intended to acquirement of tolerant behaviour attainments while solving concrete daily problems: on work, at home, in social life;
  • the program "maximum" is a long term project, provides formation of complete system of acquiring the attainment of tolerant behaviour and mind, and is called as "The EFSI School".


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