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SFERO Conception: of the Rules on the Formation of Occasions

Author: Sergey Kronin

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Chapter 5. The Metaphor of the Islands World

...So, we have familiarized ourselves with basic life styles of material creatures: Regulators, Professionals and Giants. They may be considered as a progressive development of consciousness that is devoted to the only thing: to develop confidence in world and acquaint the knowledge of basic laws that rule over the world. First of all man learns how to positively feel own body and space around. Next step is learning how to harmonize own actions and thoughts with substance. And the last man’s step is to harmonize his thoughts and feelings with elements of nature on the base of knowledge and studying the fundamental laws, in order to get an opportunity of transition to the mental perception of the world and man himself.

When man begins to trust the world, gets to know and consciously observes main laws, becoming free from the frames of accepted dogmata, when he becomes to be aware of main aim of his own existence – to be himself, only at that moment he begins to follow his predestination, and the ascent becomes available for him...

Chapter 6. When the inner knowledge shows the way

6.2.2. To realize own motives

...We are talking first of all about the working out of positive type of thinking. Ability to keep thinking in the frame of positive emotions means not to allow to the head the thoughts that are started by the motives of struggle, fears or what we call indulging by the thoughts of offences, compassion etc. We have to keep in mind that man’s way of thinking may be intended forward to the future based on the current feelings, and backward in a form of cyclical process of "digging" in memory. "Thinking in the past" is mostly negative because does not allow man to realize thoughts and emotions in a current moment.

Thus, ability to be conscious of self means to know how to track the motives of thoughts and actions, to control emotions. It means the ability to think positively in the lines of future...

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