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SFERO Conception: of the Rules on the Formation of Occasions

Author: Sergey Kronin

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Chapter 3. Multiple reality

3.8. Going towards the flashlight of a Beacon

...As it was mentioned above the first step to awareness of own "Self" is ability to control own way of thinking. Control of the way of thinking is first of all not to allow alien thoughts, emotions of other worlds into your head. Eventually your life style depends on how skillfully you will learn how to do that.

Moreover, in spite of all accidents happening now in the world and society, which are absorbed in "midworld", accordance of mind and Essence automatically leads out of the reach of the worlds that are alien to you. Think about it, why some people are always having misfortune while troubles are passing by the others? The answer is very simple. These Conductors are from different worlds like they are living in "different realities". If there are no struggle, crime and violence in a world of your Essence, you will not be in contact with all of it in you real physical life style. And if your Sphere is devoted to development and provided for resources, abundance will be in your real life as well.

Now we are faced with that thing that it is hard to control mind, because it is focused on disasters, wars and struggle Other words modern world is a world of Conductors that are hovered between worlds. They can not clearly realize reality, but they are merged in temporary cares and fears that fulfill their lives. They dont see guiding line and a way out of the impasse of life "where and why to live" that they have reached through fault of their own. Moreover, they dont see any reason to make attempts of escaping. That is the world of chaotic mind the mess of thoughts...

Chapter 4. Coming back home

4.3. World as a mirror of materialized anticipations

...Everyone remembers the phrase "If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." But only few are aware of the real meaning. If you are waiting for a blow it will certainly come, "everybody will be given his due for his belief". And man will be turning his cheeks to the world till the moment when he is sick of it: only then he will probably understand that not the world strikes him that is he who thinks in a way that provokes blows by his waiting. Man-Conductor will be in safety only when he understands that it is not the world that resists him, but quite the contrary. That is he who resists the world and provokes it by own thoughts. Any blow and problem that are happening in his life are only the answer to his waiting. Moreover, a person who struck him was neither here nor there. This person was only an "instrument", something like "returned mechanism" devoted to support the "balance of desires" in such cruel way. Thats why, instead of angry average man, there could be any other person who could suit for the certain waiting. Only after realizing that rule, the Conductor enters the world where the "knocks of wood" dont exist and there is no need to turn even the first cheek. If it is not still realized, well... you may "turn the third one".

So man has to understand that he doesnt have more terrible enemy and faithful ally than he himself. As long as he stays in inner harmony nothing threatens him and world smiles him. Once Man-Conductor allows inside himself only a single thought about struggle, trying to condemn somebody or something, the world immediately enters the game that was started by the man...

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