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SFERO Conception: of the Rules on the Formation of Occasions

Author: Sergey Kronin

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1.6. The Third "key of Gods anger"

... Long time ago man was horrified by the forest fires, shuddered because of peals of thunder. Now he uses fire for boiling potato, electric light for cellars and toilets. As usual the elements are within power of a man. Certainly, they goes out of control from time to time, display their character by floods, fires, magnetic storms and epidemics. It seems like some mysterious power exists, that suddenly makes them show their fierceness and hidden strength. Moreover, catastrophes that happen in society are similar to the natural disasters: financial, political, ecological, social. However modern man in contrast to his ancients doesnt thrill with mystical horror straight of the natural forces yet, as he uses the gathered experience of humanity about the physical phenomenon. But there is something that he is afraid of, from which he expects danger, and that is named as a chapter of accidents.

Exactly the fatal chapter of accidents creates cataclysms and catastrophes. Exactly the occasion, an unexpected development of situation, remains still uncontrollable and actually unforeseen for modern man. Moreover the fear of natural forces that was general for "uncivilized" man changed into growing anxiety for social catastrophes concerning the private life of everyone. Do you remember the downfall of ruble in the 90s of the XX century? It is no accidentally that Confucius said "dont wish your enemy to live in age of change"...

Chapter 2. SFERO Conception

2.3. Time of self becoming

...So if the mind, upon which development modern man prides himself, is only a knowledge about where and how to take food, the question is who plays the role of life compass, strategic life navigation? For example an animal may be a very good hunter, it may be effective in hunting for plenty food and then may be lost in a sudden nature disaster. Ability to provide tactical survival is not the guarantee of tomorrow. Ten-year successful career and achievements of its cycle dont guarantee that man wont find himself on board of "Titanic" or buy a ticket on plane that will crash. They said it is a gift of foresight or intuition. This primitive definition is accepted in society.

In reality it is the third level of thinking that is responsible for strategic navigation, it is called reason. Intuition, flash of inspiration, ideas, genius, and talent are its effect, like intellect and logic are the effect of mind. There are clever people and reasonable people. The first type is guided in life by the tactical mind, the second one by the reason. Ordinary a reasonable man is called "endowed with life wisdom". Now then! This "wisdom" exists in everybody, but because of too developed mind the modern man doesnt hear the sound of reason and confuses logic, intellect and reason...

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