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Lecture-seminar "Energy of money: theart ot attraction and multiplication"


I. The term "money substance" and laws of interconnections with energy of money:

Substance of money:

1.1. Historic core, essence of money, money and other modern instruments.

1.2. The task of money according to the Basic Levels: growing power stages of money substance- from personal to political.

1.3. Function of money at different stages of its use: micro-stage, running stage, macro-stage.

Energy of money:

1.4. Laws of money energy circuit.

1.5. Laws of correct interactions with energy of money.

II. Practical laws of money energy attraction:

2.1. The term "money energy stream".

2.2. Practical methods of accumulation of money depending on stage and tasks of its use.

2.3. Laws of attracting money from "zero".

2.4 Laws of attracting money for certain purpose.

III Learning of the money multiplication principle:

3.1. Role of social system in man’s abilities in multiplication of money energy stream – use of the laws of unity and confrontation.

3.2. Stages of money energy growth: "dead zones" and qualitative leaps to the next money level.

IV. Personality and money – issues of money adaptability:

4.1. Practical principles of treatment of money.

4.2. Passing of "fear stage" while working with energy of money.

4.3. Mergence by money as a trap of false core of money: rules of money defense.

4.4. Rules of personal and social adaptability in interconnections with the energy of money.

4.5. Optimal structure of the wealthy man’s character

4.6. The role of situation while working with money – money breakthrough.

V. Algorithm of working with money: from the zero to the plenty.


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