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Chapter 2.5 from a book The Mind of a Winner

(The EFSI Intro Seminar)

Placing "above" and "below"

Author: Sergey Kronin

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2.5.3. Technique of "placing above"

So, placing "above" is concerned with least physical activity and maximum possibility of thinking independently. Placing "below" is concerned with full physical mobility and maximum absorption in states, thoughts and feelings of opponent. If we remember that communication is managed by the most immobile element, it may be understood that all damage of placing "below" means voluntary donation of initiative. If we consider why a lot of people continue to place "below" we will meet so called compensatory mechanism. If a man feels shaky and he is afraid that nobody will listen to him, he begins to be bustle up in order to allay fears by external mobility and to create thus an illusion that he communicates properly. It is clear that this point of view is far from reality.

Moreover, if you has jammed up into placing "below" from the first step in communication, i.e. you were "appressed", depressed, at least in this communication you have no chance to intercept initiative. It is impossible to go abruptly out of placing "below" to the placing "above" voluntarily.

In this connection it is necessary to understand importance and responsibility of the preparative stage of communication. A man, who does not heed "preparative" moment, hardly sizes up the situation, acts emotionally and as a result he is already "below". That is not the case of will or logic, at this moment instinctive mechanisms begin to functionate, you have not even understood what a man is in front of you but at the level of instincts you has already deserved him as a "leader". Now you may do whatever you want, try to use the most cunning techniques, but it won’t change anything in this talk. Moreover, the more you will do active actions, the more your placing "below" will aggravate. That is this case when any active action and expression of will play against you. I will notice that the only manner to get out the situation is to stop emotional communication...

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