Open Temperological Institute

Open Temperological Institute


Organizes supervision over promotion of philosophical system Temperology and its components: EFSI and SFERO Conception.

Temperology ("temper" "harmony, a suitable proportion or balance of qualities, correct state") is a philosophy, created in 90-s of the XXth century by Russian scientist, writer, philosopher Sergey Kronin. It is a philosophy of full life filled with positive events. It issues a challenge of awakening in a man his individualitys features with its following showing up in society. Social mission is to teach a man to think strategically in order to give him opportunity to live life filled with events and emotions, and balanced over all directions and private and social life aspects.


Sergey I. Kronin

Sergey I. Kronin is a Russian philosopher, founder of a philosophical system Temperology that includes the theoretical outlook system SFERO and practical instrument the EFSI (the Effective Formation of a Social Individuality). He is graduate of Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman (MSTU) with specialization in special robotic systems. He is a nationally ranked Judo & Sambo competitor. Additional knowledge has been acquired in various schools of psychology (Moscow State University, Moscow State Pedagogical University).

Author of the EFSI system and SFERO Conception.

The first articles were issued in 1993. He is an originator of the popular science version of the EFSI Running Social Game (RSG). He has evolved a huge number of methods, technologies in the field of social, human and humanitarian interactions, including the discovery of the fundamental laws which govern functions of social systems.

Currently Sergey I. Kronin is a councilor of a number of socially significant projects. He is involved in the teaching process leads lectures, seminars and peoples courses of the EFSI system.

He is an author of numerous articles and publications:

  • RSG. "RSG-Running Social Games" co-authored with E.I.Sharipov and O.E.Sharipova (Moscow: RSG Library series "KSP+", 2001);
  • "The Mind of a Winner. The EFSI Intro Seminar" (Moscow: SFERO Publishers, 2004);
  • "Tolerance of actions. A practical book to The EFSI Intro Seminar";
  • "SFERO Conception: Of the Rules on the Formation of Occasions" (first edition was made by "KSP+", Moscow, 2003; republished by "SFERO Publishers" Moscow, 2006);
  • "Temperology: Manifesto Of a Middle Class" (Moscow: SFERO Publishers, 2008).
  • "Temperology – is..." (Moscow: Open Temperological Institute Co Lt, 2019).


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