Additional EFSI Programs

Training-seminar "Designing the future"


I. The aspects which allow us to speak about the possibility of designing the own future.

II. Influence of the social situation to the own "project of future": reaction to the sustaining and obstructive processes in society concerning realization of own plans.

III. Definition of macro problem where the future is designing around.

IV. Targeting.

4.1. Planning technology of forthcoming events;

4.2. Technology of targeting;

4.3. The tactical and strategic aims.

V. Stays upon achievement of desired future.

5.1. Fears;

5.2. Ambitions;

5.3. False analysis of current situation.

VI. Aspects of self-motivation: accumulation of strengths that form the future.

VII. Aspects which are to be covered by the "project of future".

7.1. Finance and social state;

7.2. Health and interests;

7.3. Privacy and family.

VIII. Practical exercises on the Designing the Future.


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