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Temperological Feng Shui

Oksana Dyomochkina, Ayna Solntseva

Temperological Feng Shui. Oksana Dyomochkina, Ayna Solntseva

The authors announce the brand-new design approach which is dissimilar to the habitual one. That is a trend of interior sense-design that includes two methods of interior decoration: Feng Shui that helps man to be reconciled and harmonized with environment about him, and Temperological Design that allows to paint in fine details the "scenario" of future events and situations of own life with the help of round interior.

The Book is written in easy, fascinating style with examples and "application instructions". It will be interesting both for professional designers and decorators, who are looking for new trends, and wide reading public for practical use in interiors of own apartments, houses, offices.

Moscow: Open Temperological Institute Ltd. 2010, ISBN 978-5-9902317-1-9, 56 p.


Oksana Dyomochkina

Ayna Solntseva

Oksana Dyomochkina Ayna Solntseva



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