The EFSI is a practical part of Temperology, a communicative technology that is intended for the decision of problems in a field of real human interconnections.

It has the qualifying EFSI program, which has been improving over period of 25 years, and consists of 6 courses.

The EFSI Courses solve a minimal task that concerns development of human individuality in society, and give people a system of concrete techniques and attainments for achievement of personal and social leadership/dominance in a group, organization. It show the power of his personality (described in a book "The Mind of a Winner"); other tasks are determinated in a book "SFERO Conception".

The courses exist since 1996. Its name was changing several times: before 2000 the courses were called as "the communicative courses". After publication of the book "RSG" in 2000 they were named "RSG – Running the Social Games"; after publication of the book "The Mind of a Winner. The EFSI Intro Seminar" in 2003 the courses were renamed as "the EFSI School".

According to statistics most our students are socially active persons, mostly top and middle level managers.

Nowadays the sphere of direct application of this knowledge lies in a field of personal authority in career, personal and business communicating (charisma in human interconnections). These attainments and knowledge are devoted also to control over short-term situations development.

Such popular issues like communication between people, personal growth and self-development are only the segments of the EFSI system. The system of knowledge gives an opportunity to build a great amount of different mutual relations, including personal and business as well. Moreover, the EFSI system of knowledge is necessary for realizing more serious and ambitious tasks in a field of strategic management of personal life situations.


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