Additional EFSI Programs

Training "Unique EFSI techniques for perspective dialogue"


1. Creation of optimal sample of following communication.

1.1. Communication patterns;

1.2. Law of the first step of the development of affairs.

2. Social placings while communicating.

2.1. Placings "above" and "below" formation of own position;

2.2. Technique of creating the placing "above" that is harmonious to the process of communication.

3 Support of achieved position with the help of the ambience.

3.1. Correct sitting down on a chair;

3.2. Use of "sustaining fitments".

4. Control over the opponents state while communicating.

4.1. Diagnostics and activization of the opponent by the motions of the hands;

4.2. Diagnostics of habits and needs of the opponent according to his "bodily blockages";

4.3. Control over the "bodily blockages" of the opponent as an instrument of motivation;

4.4. Integrated formation of wishful opponents mood/attitude to the matter of discussion.

5. Start-up of the optimal relationship model into the life.


Training "Unique techniques for perspective dialogue" is a combination of necessary theoretical knowledge and practical exercises of techniques applicable to each topic.


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