Educational program of EFSI

"Mastery of communication" (6 courses)

The "Silver" Level Courses "Basics of Projectioning"

The Fifth Course "Subjective Suggestion (Energetics)"

(draftsman Sergey Kronin)

Topic 1. Energetic structure of a man:

  • The term "energetics" and "bioenergetics".
  • Wave nature of a man: wave-particle approach.
  • Four basic "informational bodies" of a man: the term "aura", fields of a man.
  • Functional principle of the "informational bodies" division.
  • The term "rod string": nature of "informational bodies", mechanism of their emergence.
  • The subjectivity principle of the "informational bodies" classification.
  • The term "energetical resonance": subordination of the cultic buildings architecture to the principle of "energetical resonance".
  • Vertical "informational stream": mechanism of "rod string" activity.
  • Commonality of modern scientific approaches: wave genetics, wave medicine.
  • The term "ritual": its aims, tasks, function from position of "wave physics".
  • The term "ideology": its deep tasks, purposes of group managerial events, meetings.
  • Nearness of the terms "ideologist" and "attuner": unified behaviour pattern.

Topic 2. Basics of extrasensorics (extra sensory perception):

  • Scheme of mans energy circulation.
  • Interdependence of somatics, bodily blockages and energy circulation.
  • Increase principle of physical sensory perception: actuation of the "energy" through the hands.
  • Methods of working by the hands.
  • Method of visual sensory perception increase.
  • The principle of mans "field correction".
  • Diagnostics of mans physical state and estimation of "life behaviour strategies" by his "informational body".

Topic 3. Magnetism (hypnotic glance):

  • The term "magnetism".
  • Principle of energy actuation through the eyes.
  • Eyes trainings methods.
  • The "birds glance" effect.
  • Effect and method of the "right eye": aim, situation of use.
  • Effect of the "glass eye": method of "switching off emotions".
  • Method and effect of the "central eye".
  • Methods and exercises of the "eye power" pressurization.
  • Social effect of "magnetic glance".

Topic 4. Energy and emotional structure of a man:

  • The term "chakra".
  • Seven major chakras of a man: color.
  • The term "activated" and "extinguished" chakra: instant dependence of mans behaviour on the leading chakra.
  • The term "melody of chakras".
  • Method of "dotty activating" the chakras: a "raylets" method.
  • "Cloud" method and influence effects to a group behaviour.

Topic 5. Power energy impacts:

  • Creation of real physical feelings by "will chakra" using: the method.
  • Power energy mechanisms structures of each Basic Level.
  • The "energy pressure" principle: the methods of "moving wall" and "condensed air".
  • The deep mechanism of the term "psychological pressure", stress of communicative struggle (while negotiating).

Topic 6. Dynamic energy impacts:

  • The term "energy of the space".
  • Perception and control method of the "energy of the space".
  • The term: "swinging the space".
  • The term "energy replete space": objective effects.
  • The methods of "swinging".
  • "Star model": public speeches and performances.
  • Energy dynamics of the public speeches: managing of the audience's moods.

Topic 7. Real visualization:

  • Methods of the "virtual objects" creation.
  • Synchronization of virtual and actual objects: the effects.
  • Methods of human behaviour control by the "virtual objects".
  • Cease methods of the "talky opponent".
  • Formation of the communicative emotional atmosphere by "placing of the virtual objects".
  • The "realities overlap" principle.

Topic 8. Creation of the happenings:

  • The term "retention of intention".
  • Use of awaiting effect: internal emotional model.
  • Method of happening "evocation".
  • The term "vibration of the space".
  • Methods of independent "visualizations actuation".

Topic 9. Distance impacts:

  • The term "energetic web".
  • The term "distance impact".
  • Method of "distance impact".

Topic 10. Energetic defense:

  • Three basic methods of energetic defense.
  • Indications of external energetic influence.
  • Methods of "dotted" energetic defense.
  • Methods of power energetic defense: protection of own territory, blunting of the opponents attack.
  • Methods of "moving": situations and effects of use.

Topic 11. General rules of energetic interactions:

  • The rule of permanent energy circulation: social projections finance and health.
  • The term "different realities".
  • The rule of "equivalence and nonapproximation" of realities.
  • The term "event unity of inner world and external reality".
  • The term "group" realities: nature of group mind.
  • The principle of interactions with "group" realities.
  • The term and mechanism of "capture by the group realities".
  • Role of the inner world structure in the energy interactions: the principle of "creation of anticipations".

Topic 12. Subjective projectioning:

  • Principle and mechanism of subjective projectioning.
  • Three principles of successful subjective projectioning: time, specification and adaptation.
  • Method of subjective projectioning.
  • Effects and criteria of projectioning.
  • Effective forces while subjective projectioning.
  • Socialization rules of projected visualization.


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