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Mission of business in a "body" of humanity

Author: Sergey Kronin

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So, I think it is not necessary to discuss about the "global" reasons of today crisis. That is quite clear. In social life we see only the consequence of force of that law. The organizations which are excrescent for the "keep" of the "body" are demolishing. Those who are worth for the "humanity’s body" are filling up with energy. Those are valuable who are "feeding the brains" which are also a part of the body and not the worse one. Thus, with the glance from above the meaning of existence of business is in filling the "brains of a body" of humanity with energy, and only then the other organs. The sequence is precisely as follows: organization is being created to be worth for the "mental" part of the humanity, to join people together and let them to interact with each other; and then it profits over financial operations (production, factorship, services). In that case such organization has right to exist and has a strategic import for the humanity. For example it promotes a new trend in painting or sculpture that will exist next thousand years. It means that organization is beginning to work for the panhuman history. It’s obvious that energy will go to it. So, relation to the creative people is of critical importance, although it is not the direct worth and is not clear for the mind of economist and ordinary businessman. It is always said about social responsibility of business, I’m talking on the historical one. It is also obvious that the only "energy" is not enough. It is necessary to build a structure.

It means to create an organism of a company, to vitalize it, to grow it. It needs energy and surely the knowledge how to do it. What a trouble, knowledge of today management and marketing can not actually solve that task. I will make a consequence. I will define the place of viable organization in a body of society: an organization in spite of field of its activity – construction, oil, metals – which is existing in order to support life of some mental structure of society is historically valuable and has enough "chances of situation" for survival and further revival. Otherwise, existence of concrete organization is aimless and not unique. It supports only low functions of "body" of humanity and in this light there is evidential and unquestionable glut of similar companies of any size.

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