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Mission of business in a "body" of humanity

Author: Sergey Kronin

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Humanity was created not for simply "scoffing". Being full it has to grow mentally. It means to develop at the level of the reason. And from that position it has to make "black and detailed" work on the planet: build, clean, explore the outer space, settle other worlds etc.

Thus, economics, and business as its main power, have reached the "organic" limit. The core is that exactly business (economics) comes to the front of mans life attention. It is a point on which all mans thoughts and wishes are focused. As a matter of fact it is a haemal system of "body" of humanity. Business is a "pump" that brings blood with nutrients all over the organism and nourishes the "cells" of people. And no more. Imagine that you dont go outdoors, leave off moving, are always eating, and all your thoughts are concentrated on how full you are. That is the condition of society today.

And is there nothing except economics? There are mental fields: arts, science... But in our society they are "secondary". At the first place stands namely economics.

But exactly these fields contain the brains of "humanitys body", and they should be functional as well. It means that food should be carried to them too. I think that food should be carried primarily to the brains, but what about accumulation of fat... it goes then. Concerning the body of humanity in society the brains are at the second place. So, it occurs that brains are atrophying and belly is growing. It is clear that it must be a shake from "above" to remind what the humanity exists for.

Well, so about the business. From the point of global processes most of organizations (it must have been 99,999% of all existing) are valueless and not interesting for anyone. It is nearly as at the sea beach. The only grain of sand is itself not worth much but the beach is valuable. There is a mass of such successful and large organizations (leave alone the others) and from the point of "organicity of society" they are worth in current situation. And they were worth till the moment when due to them society has been "amassing fat". It means that they were solving two low tasks; they were feeding and connecting people. Exactly the low tasks. And only few of them were feeding the brains. They thought that their task was namely "collecting of fat", and at best the "brains" were obtaining the occasional dole; such organizations financed the concert of an artist for their own advertisement, or bought a bus for a children's home.

From the point of global processes these organizations do not exist. They do not serve the humanity to solve its main task: growth not only in "kilos" but mentally.

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