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Mission of business in a "body" of humanity

Author: Sergey Kronin

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I suggest considering it globally: what is business in a body of modern humanity?

Every one of people is a personality. So, humanity consists of the billions of personalities, as like as a body consists of cells. Therefore, let us consider this nonmaterial conformation "humanity" as an organism. What is business doing there?

What role does it play?

Its clear that on the primitive level its role is in providing peoples material needs: production of goods and services. If we take a broad view of the issue, we find that it is due to trade relationships or economics the interactions between people are occurring, and different branches and areas or activities are appearing. It means that business in that case is a power that forms "organs" in a "body" of humanity. Thus, business ties up people of all society with each other, gives them possibility to interact on some concrete topic and provides material part of their lives (as if it carries nutrients to cells). So, what is happening now from that position? At the very low level we have overproduction of everything, i.e. people are sated with production. It is produced much more than they are able to consume. So, the "cells" are becoming "fat", sedentary, inactive, and incapable of procreation. Thus, its happening something that is called "mental degradation" a clipped mind ability to take only the form of information and inability to understand its essence. It means that from the position of quantitative production business (economics) has reached its maximum and begun to do scathe to the "body" of humanity: the principles of communication between "cells-people" began to be broken. Already everyone is sitting in his office, connecting in restricted group of people, becoming tired at work. In actual fact it is the crisis of modern mans loneliness: the system of material glut of life is bedded in so perfectly that redundant "transactions" are being cut automatically. It means that economical growth has brought us to the palsied "body" of humanity. In fact, the body of humanity today is some very fat, immovable and inert creature.

Lets take a look from the other side. Any "body", it doesnt matter if it's a man or an animal, has its own mission in a world. The meaning of his life is not only in eating food. This part is essential and necessary but not the main. Having a good feed the creature has to do something to make himself useful or at least to interact with the world around him. If he only eats without even making a move, rarely having a spasm of regular indigestion social or economical collapse, such creature in nature is a parasite that has stuck to something or someone. Thereafter, if a creature was destined for some work, but was overfed and became incapable of anything, the "makers" have to step in and organize a sort of "spotting": a gastric lavage as an example, or they compel him to go in for sports. It is in order to make creature to get down to his work that he has been created for.

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