Books on Temperology

Books on Temperology

Temperology: Manifesto of a Middle Class

Sergey I. Kronin

Temperology: Manifesto of a Middle Class. Sergey I. Kronin

The Book that you hold in hands first of all helps to accurately orientate in social relations and interconnections around you (inside you as well). It builds an explicit scheme of cause-and-effect relations of what is happening around. Because of that the issue of social classes in society is considered from new position. The Book proposes the new view concerning the qualification of the Middle Class representative; meanwhile it joins all stated opinions in popular, becoming widespread, philosophical direction – Temperology.

The Book is intended for those who are already know other works of Sergey I. Kronin, but it will be extremely interesting for "uninitiated", intellectual reader. People who aspire to structure own life, to tear themselves away from ordinariness and daily routine, simply reasonable people who want to live effectively, will find here quite a number of interesting answers, approaches and views to the surrounding social reality of today and tomorrow.

Moscow: SFERO Publishers, 2008, 319p. ISBN 978-5-902713-03-66


Temperological Feng Shui

Oksana Dyomochkina, Ayna Solntseva

Temperological Feng Shui. Oksana Dyomochkina, Ayna Solntseva

The authors announce the brand-new design approach which is dissimilar to the habitual one. That is a trend of interior sense-design that includes two methods of interior decoration: Feng Shui that helps man to be reconciled and harmonized with environment about him, and Temperological Design that allows to paint in fine details the "scenario" of future events and situations of own life with the help of round interior.

The Book is written in easy, fascinating style with examples and "application instructions". It will be interesting both for professional designers and decorators, who are looking for new trends, and wide reading public for practical use in interiors of own apartments, houses, offices.

Moscow: Open Temperological Institute Ltd. 2010, ISBN 978-5-9902317-1-9, 56 p.


SFERO Conception: Of the Rules on the Formation of Occasions

Sergey I. Kronin

SFERO Conception: Of the Rules on the Formation of Occasions. Sergey I. Kronin

SFERO Conception is a modern socio-cultural direction which brings together idealistic and materialistic outlooks, reconciles and finds the balance between them. Conception answers the most urgent question of the modern humanity that concerns the return to the lost harmony of inner world and social activity by the revival of a wholeness of the human being able to bring together active social life and perfect inner world.

Conception is aimed at the achievement of independent personhood under given conditions of modern civilization. It paints a structured picture of a world in a clear way and defines place, role and mission of a man in the world evolutionary process.

It’s important that SFERO states the rules of great generality which correlate with any scientific, philosophic and religious tradition. SFERO Conception not only helps to understand each of those traditions but also reconciles them.

Many of our readers will find SFERO Conception interesting for the reason that it throws the limelight on the practical formation of their own positive way of living and thus creating of their own reality.

The given principles open up new vistas for everyone to manage their own lives, give the sense of the powers which allow everyone to build their lives according to their own views.

Above all the book gives complete answers to the career and private questions that make modern man worry. It makes understandable the actual effects of the way things happen as the man becomes more conscious of self.

Moscow: SFERO Publishers, 2006, 776p. ISBN 5-902713-04-8


The Mind of a Winner (The EFSI Intro Seminar)

Sergey I. Kronin

The Mind of a Winner (The EFSI Intro Seminar). Sergey I. Kronin

Profoundness, novelty and practicality of the book are overwhelming. Its broadness and simplicity help to understand what is going on around us and in our lives. The book gives the chance to everyone to orientate in general problems of society as well as in settling current life situations.

The book contains edited and carefully collected materials of speeches being performed by Sergey I. Kronin during his lectures, seminars and trainings before different audiences in different times.

Among the others especially psychologists, NLP specialists, businessmen, middle- and upper-level managers should gain by reading this book.

Moscow: SFERO Publishers, 2004, 349p. ISBN 5-902713-01-3


The Tolerance of Actions (The EFSI Intro Seminar Workbook)

Sergey I. Kronin

The Tolerance of Actions (The EFSI Intro Seminar Workbook). Sergey I. Kronin

This brochure includes unique EFSI techniques that allow reaching tolerance of actions in ordinary day-to-day life, i.e. harmony and naturality of the relationships with anyone regardless of their social scale and surroundings, mutual understanding in business and private communications.

This brochure is intended for a wide audience and clearly adapted to learn the EFSI techniques by one’s own.

Moscow: SFERO Publishers, 2005, 56p. ISBN 5-902713-03-X






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