Открытый Темперологический Институт


ЭССЛ на Конференции в Анкаре

03-06 сентября 2012 года в Анкаре (Турция) состоялся 18 Конгресс Европейской Антропологической Ассоциации

На пленарных заседаниях и рабочих столах конференции рассматривались темы, связанные с проблемами эволюции человека, здоровья, генетики, этических и культуральных моментов в антропологическом исследовании, эргономики и ряд других вопросов. Рабочий язык конференции английский.

В работе конгресса приняла участие представитель Открытого Темперологического Института Смольникова Инга Михайловна с презентацией "Осанка человека и социальный статус: взаимозависимость и последствия" – "The Posture and Social Status: Interconnection and Consequences".

Доклад вызвал живой интерес аудитории. Были высказаны пожелания дополнить презентацию статистическими результатами указанной взаимозависимости с последующей публикацией в специализированном научном журнале.

Тезисы выступления были опубликованы в материалах конференции.

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Dear Chairman! Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, participants of the Congress!

On behalf of the Open Temperological Institute I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this honorable event and take floor with presentation of our research.

Let me say a few words about the prehistory of the investigation. After the crash of the Soviet Union a great amount of talented and gifted people had got possibility to fulfill themselves and achieve fantastic results in business, career, and social growth. And some of them did it. At the same time a lot of gifted people: young scientists, high qualified specialists, graduates from technical high schools were not enough adapted to the social changes in the country. They were wasting their talent and knowledge, being disabled to use it as the system that could support them had been destroyed. Some of them were induced to leave the country but most of them could never make good position in a world.

In the meanwhile the gap between different social groups was widening at that time. Frequently it was based on the fact that instead of intellect and talent the pressure tactics and use of force became priority at those times. Generally, the problem was to find an instrument that could help intellect to oppose to the brute force successfully. So it was a real need of society.

In the middle of the 90-s the research work was initiated by Sergey Kronin the Russian scientist, the founder of the Open Temperological Institute. At the very beginning the investigation and research work have been held in a closed form. After the first positive results it was partly opened to the society in a year of 1998.

As far as nowadays our reality is characterized by very intensive and informative communication, which is noncomparable with the situation even 100 years ago. So the communication process was chosen as a field of investigation. Each communicative action is a small model of any social interaction. Ability to get result in every short talk gives opportunity to get strategic result in society.

The open part of the work was held in a form of communicative trainings. The training was chosen as an optimum form of this research. In laboratory environment it’s possible only to ask participants to sit or stand in definite poses and to write down thoughts about themselves, or their qualities. The gathered record becomes the argumentation for different conclusions about the influence of the right or wrong posture to the self-evaluation, for example. Unfortunately this method does not work if we want to observe social effect. A social effect may be obtained in social interaction only.


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